KAMALIA-Residents and businessmen of Kamalia-Rajana Road area held a protest against the inactivity of PTCL in front of Kamalia Press Club.

The protesters told the media that a PTCL tower had been struck to the ground a week ago near Kamalia-Rajana Road but PTCL had not tried to fix it despite numerous complaints lodged at the PTCL telephone exchange.

The affected people said that the PTCL officials had told them that there was no staff available at the telephone exchange and a lineman will be called from Toba Tek Singh but he was busy yet. The protesters told the media that the affected area was a busy business point where a large number of offices of poultry traders were located and their telephones have gone dead for a week. There is no Internet connectivity and the phones are silent for over a week. The affected citizens demanded immediate rectification of the situation.

Unfinished uplift projects have cost the nation a lot in terms of time and money while these projects could have been completed with a little effort, local people said.

They said Kamalia lacks a proper sports ground and the construction project of the sports stadium has been pending for the past several years. The construction was started, costing millions of rupees but left uncompleted leaving it unusable.

They added that the construction on Kamalia-Harappa bridge at River Ravi has been halted several years back before the work was completed but billions of rupees had already been spent on the project.

Fettered boy recovered from father’s ‘jail’

BUREWALA-The police claimed to have recovered a 12-year-old boy from the illegal-confinement of his father who had fettered his son after developing difference with his wife.

According to police, the boy was recovered from Gulshan-e-Wahab Town, Gaggo Mandi. According to details, Jahanzeb, resident of Gulshan-e-Wahab Town, had allegedly chained his 12-year-old child after developing differences with his wife. People of the area reported the matter to local police which after a successful raid, recovered the detainee.

The child told the police that his father tortured him on a regular basis. Jahazeb, however, claimed that he had chained his son in the house as punishment for not going to school. The Gaggo Mandi Police have taken the child into custody and started further investigation.