ISLAMABAD PR - The Managing Director Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) Arshad Khan has announced that PTV will turn profitable by the end of June 2019 after posting losses over the past many years. He added that the primary beneficiary of this success will be PTV employees.

Arshad Khan said the current management had inherited huge liabilities running in to billions of rupees and a consistent loss generating trend but he was confident that his team will be able to not only stall this trend but will meet the aggressive target doubling the revenue as compared to that of 2017-2018. Regarding previous liabilities especially those related to pensioners, Arshad Khan stated that various options in this regard were being discussed with the Govt.

“One of our main focus is to rationalise our expenses in light of the PM’s austerity drive and optimise our revenue streams” he said adding that “the management was geared up to turn around the organization in shortest possible time with the help of its employees.”

He reiterated the Prime Minister’s vision about PTV by saying that PTV will continue to be the custodian of national and cultural values by telecasting family entertainment, credible news and healthy sports besides showcasing the positive and prospering Pakistan to the entire world, which, he added, will attract tourists and investors. MD PTV further said that very soon PTV’s content will be available on all digital media platforms to enhance the ease of viewers globally.  He also stressed the need of investing in professional HR, technological upgradation, better operational systems and improved content.

Our main focus is to rationalise expenses in light of PM’s austerity drive

Arshad Khan also said that PTV had heavily suffered due to mismanagement, nepotism, corruption and external interference and such practices will not be allowed to continue anymore. He reiterated that PTV is a national asset and it is here to stay to defend the ideological boundaries of Pakistan. He added that The Prime Minister wanted to see PTV as an efficient and independent state broadcaster like BBC and to be a public service organization that could instil hope and positivity in the society at large, “We are committed to that agenda,’’ Arshad added.