Blurbs: The energized youngsters have taken up the task to make sure that Pakistan becomes recognized for its theatre activities. They strive to achieve theatrical perfection to revive the performing arts in Pakistan.

Producing folklore, art, sci fi and period plays, these production houses have deemed it necessary to explore the art of theatrics and give a platform to the talent that exists within our country.  

Theatre is a form of art that has witnessed a drastic change in Pakistan since its inception till today. It is the most expressive form of art and is a medium that portrays our culture and sheer talent that we have. Over the past few years new faces have emerged who have taken up the task of reviving theatre in Pakistan. With the demise of cinema in Lollywood, people welcomed this change with open arms. At one point in time there was lesser acceptation of theatre where it was seen as stage dramas that had no respect. The youngsters however now strive to revive the true and classical theatre. They struggle to end the negative trends and perception that has plagued this form of art.  Private production houses have no come into a professional fold producing theatrical plays each year. Producing folklore, art, sci fi and period plays, these production houses have deemed it necessary to explore the art of theatrics and give a platform to the talent that exists within our country.  

The cultural activities revived under Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who played a vital role in establishment of the National Academy for Performing Arts .Theatre in Pakistan is now taking a new start and the stage has been set for the evolution of a strong industry. It is important for theatre to be promoted and venues to be created so that audiences come and watch plays.  Sunday plus takes a look at the big theatre names that have made their mark in the industry today:

Ajoka Theatre

 This theatre house is one of the pioneers of performing arts in Pakistan.  They have struggled for the positive theatre in Pakistan for the last 25 years. The team of Ajoka theatre overcome all hurdles, which were produced by the authoritarian regimes.AJoka theatre is now internationally recognized for its plays. They work around social issues that exist in Pakistan. Ajoka is committed to promote peace and tolerance. They performed in India, Bangladesh and many other states. The team strives to achieve recognition and hopes that it will always emerge as a talent hub that shows that there is creativity in Pakistan.

Kopy Kats production

Kopy Kates produces classical Urdu plays since 2007. It is one of the most highly acclaimed production group that gathers hundreds of audiences every year from all professions. The extremely talented writer Anwar Maqsood has penned down some extremely moving plays for them. The young producer Dawar Mehmod is the key to their success who has directed plays that have reached the hearts of the audiences and spoken to them. Their successful theatrical productions include: Accidental Death of An Anarchist, Flight 420, Act 144, An Idiot’s Legacy and Pawney 14 August. Their recent Play Angan Terrah was a huge success, which they produced in collaboration with  Anwar Maqsood. Kopy Kat truly brings quality entertainment to the people all around Pakistan.  Aangan Terrha becomes the first theatre play in the history of Pakistan to stage 100 consecutive shows.

Theatre hub

Theatre Hub has opened up new dimensions in stage productions. Theatre Hub is an innovative theatre house based on young and creative individuals who are dedicated to provide quality entertainment to people .They are also interested in social change in Pakistan. People from all walks of life have now become a part of their fan base. While they mostly explore the comedy genre, Theatre Hub’s plays have been known for their set designing and the detailing in costumes to bring forward the era and the setting that they want to portray in their plays.  Their successful endeavours are: Ishq with a twist, Khatra e Jaan, Nizam Sakka and Khel Jari Hai. They are now traversing cities as they recently performed in Rahim Yar Khan where a company had requested them to come and perform for their audiences. With thriving theatrical successes to their name, the group deserves due credit for playing an essential role in bringing Pakistani theatre to life.

Theatre hub creates the hope that there is still a surviving ground in Pakistan for theatre. While talking to Sunday Plus, the director Tala Ali Jan said,’ Our purpose is to show youngsters that theatre is alive in Pakistan and that we as a group want to give every talented person a platform to perform. Our entire team works very hard to put theatrical perfection on stage every year”.

Shah Sharabeel

Shah Sharahbeel is a name that completely revolutionized the way plays were directed in Pakistan. His forte being grand musicals, he brought forward hits like “Moulin Rouge”, “Mamma Mia” and Bombay Dreams.  

Shah Sharabeel knows how to handle influential individuals. A recent production of the musical Mamma Mia was amazing and surprised audiences by the stunning singing talent in the country. His plays exude glamour and the volumes of talented people that we have in our country. Knowing that directing a musical is a hard task, he pushes himself to the edge and helps maintain an entirely different view of theatre culture.

Azad Theatre:

One of the most active theatre groups n Pakistan. Having performed for the past 22 years, the group strives to bring people’s attention to the social stigmas in society. it is one of the groups that have brought new theatrical plays on a consistent rate and touched all the issues that we face in Pakistan.