August 14 is just around the corner and people are preparing for the big day, when Pakistan gained independence in 1947. From streets to homes, everywhere we see flags and streamers to celebrate the occasion, all important buildings are lit up. Social media too is catching up on the spirit of celebrations, display pictures are changed and people are sharing stories of Quaid e Azam and partition. To add a cherry to the topping, now people can use Pakistan Go Green app which will add a Pakistani Flag to their display picture to show they “bleed green.”

Farhan Masood, an active twitter user has asked Pakistanis,

He has made an app by the name Pakistan Go Green. You can emboss your display picture with Pakistan’s flag and show the patriotic spirit.

The method is very simple; you click on the link provided and you’ll easily be able to follow the steps. Soon you’ll be bleeding green too.