Islamabad - The Punjab government Monday informed the Supreme Court that it has decided to opt for the original site for the construction of proposed Dadhocha Dam in Rawalpindi.

Additional Advocate General Punjab, Razaq A Mirza on behalf of additional secretary irrigation department submitting report before a two-judge bench, headed by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, said that there is no reason for withdrawing notification under section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act 1984 in respect of site number 1.

The report further states that subject to the available financial resources, necessary action shall be taken for the construction of the dam at site number 1.

In the last hearing, the bench had inquired how General Hamyum Aziz, vice President of Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Islamabad, could ask the Punjab chief minister to relocate the water reservoir, meant for millions people of Rawalpindi, to other site.

The Punjab government’s fresh report says that during 2002 a pre-feasibility study of Site number 1 was carried out by the Small Dams Organisation (SDO) that is under consideration for the construction of dam.

The area falls in the jurisdiction of three tehsils of Rawlalpindi district namely Rawalpidi, Kahuta and Kallar Syedan. The report states that the district collector Rawalpindi directed the DHA authorities not to carry out any development activities within the said project area.

“The scheme namely ‘Feasibility Study for Dadhocha Dam’ was approved during 2013-14 and the irrigation department hired consultants for the purpose. The consultants accordingly started feasibility study on Site number 1. Another site (site number 2) is about six kilometres upstream of the proposed dam site was also included in the feasibility study of Dadocha Dam, so as to finalize the most technically and economically suitable site for the constriction of dam,” says the report.

However, a feasibility report has been submitted by consultants on July 30, wherein it is recommended that site number 1 is technically and economically more feasible site for the construction of dam on two grounds.

Firstly, a very narrow gorge and natural reservoir of bowl shape is available at Site number 1, which is ideal for constriction of dam. Secondly, live storage at Site number 1 is 45,000 AF for 35 MGD water supply against 24259 AF storage capacities at site number 2 and the hydrology at site number 1 is therefore rated at best and sustainable water supply meeting future requirements also.

Meanwhile, the bench has sought report on the reasons regarding delay in construction of dam at site number 1. Justice Jawwad S Khawaja has made it clear if the Punjab government will not take action then the court would itself take notice against the responsible persons, who had delayed the construction of dam.

He also questioned that on whose inference the dam’s site was replaced. The hearing is adjourned till August 24.