Chairman Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Owais Khan Leghari said that PTI chief Imran Khan should accept the report of Judicial Commission and stop further criticising the PML-N leadership over “rigging” in the general elections.

He said, “We are heading for better and healthy relations with Afghanistan while a very positive breakthrough is also expected with the dialogues between Taliban and Afghan government.”

He was talking to the media while he was visiting the flood effected area at Pir Aadil. He said that the respectable judges of Supreme Court would protect the rights of the masses of Southern Punjab with respect to the flash flood regarding the holding of the local government elections.

He made it clear that they have no affiliation with PPP and hence the decision taken by PPP could not effect them. The PML.N was never willing to de-seat the good opposition like PTI from the National Assembly, he said. He added that the terrorists were being targeted in the country. He further said that it was a big challenge for the government to protect the population from the devastation of the flood after the availability of drinking water. He also announced that after the water level subsiedes from the flooded area, the government would launch a comprehensive survey for the compensation of the losses for the flood victims.

hoax CALL: The people of Sialkot made 37,262 hoax calls to Rescue 1122 as it received a total of 40912 calls during July 2015.

According to District Emergency Officer Sialkot Syed Kamal Abid, out of such big number of telephone calls, 1,056 were emergency calls, 2,348 were made for information, 246 calls were wrong.He said that Rescue 1122 Sialkot provided emergency services to 1,220 persons and provide maternity services to 110 women. The rescuers also fished out 18 dead bodies drowned in rivers and canals in Sialkot district.