WAPDA hydel power stations delivered as many as 4.434b units of low-cost hydel electricity to the national grid in July 2015. This is the highest-ever generation of hydel electricity in one month, and constitutes about 41 per cent of the total electricity, the country’s system received from all sources. This was told in a meeting of the Authority held here at WAPDA House on Monday. WAPDA Chairman Zafar Mahmood presided over the meeting, which was attended by WAPDA Member (Power) Badrul Munir Murtiza, General Manager (Hydel) Operation Syed Bashir Ahmad and other officers concerned.

The meeting was briefed that the hydel electricity delivered to the national grid during July 2015 registered an increase of 711 million units if compared with 3.723 billion units of hydel electricity generated in July last year, thus, showing 19.1 per cent increase in hydel generation. This additional contribution of hydel electricity by WAPDA not only helped minimize loadshedding in the country during July but also lower power tariff. It was told in the meeting that hydroelectric equipment the world over, has a normal life span of 30 to 35 years on the average, but WAPDA still successfully operates its hydel power stations, majority of which are far more old than their average life. Despite aging factor, WAPDA hydel power stations are still capable to be run at their maximum generation capacities. In high water months, Tarbela and Mangla are capable of delivering electricity more than their installed capacities. During July this year, Tarbela generated upto 3606 MW against its installed capacity of 3478 MW, while Mangla upto 1115 MW against its installed capacity of 1000 MW.