KARACHI : Pakistan Tennis Federation appointed Nauman Aleem as manager of Pakistan team for the excitedly awaited Davis Cup tie against India in September at grass courts at Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad.

The PTF with assistance of the PSB will be catering to all organisational requirements and ITF-mandated tie hosting arrangements to assist the national team during the event.

Talking to The Nation on Saturday, a PTF spokesman said Nauman is well known amongst the nation’s tennis fraternity, having been amongst the top 10 players in the country in the 1980’s and his wide experience in corporate managerial roles, nationally and internationally, weighs to his favour as an ideal choice for a high profile Pakistan vs India tie.

“We are now receiving a host of requests for accreditation and visas from the Indian media and individuals to attend, let’s see how many we can accommodate in the limited seating area we have around the grass courts” said an official of the PTF, adding that “this is an ideal opportunity for sponsors to realise the huge potential and highly beneficial promotional aspects of such a contest and to advertise their brands, considering the planned national and international live tV coverage.”

Both countries are in the process of selecting and announcing their teams comprising the best available players, and while the Indians may look the better side on paper due international rankings, our players are all hyped-up for a good fight before a home crowd.

With former Davis Cupper Mushaf Zia already announced as the non-playing team captain and coach, the appointment of Nauman Aleem as manager augers well in promising a duo that is well-versed in the technical and administrative aspects of the sport, he concluded.