PESHAWAR   -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf runner-up candidate for provincial assembly seat on constituency PK-115 Abid-ur-Rahman has demanded recounting of votes and urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to provide him counter file.

While addressing a news conference at Peshawar Press Club, Rahman alleged that the Election Commission of Pakistan officials were in pressure from the JUI candidate, who had hijacked the election results and turned his victory into defeat.

“The Election Commission officials on the second day of polling, after receiving Form-45 from all the polling stations, provided us Form-47, according to which Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (JUI) candidate had a lead of 74 votes, but after the re-counting on 16 polling stations, the lead declined to 30 votes, while the number of 893 rejected votes too remained unchanged upto 50 polling stations. I repeatedly asked for showing the results but the concerned RO rejected my application,” he maintained. He also said that the DRO and RO were also present in the re-counting, which was in violation of the ECP rules and law.

The PTI candidate informed that the JUI candidate Shoaib Khan got 18,102 votes, while he got 18,028 adding that he had reduced the lead of rival candidate to 30 on 16 polling stations in re-counting. He also said that the Election Commission of Pakistan official also rejected his application for showing him the counter file of rejected votes, adding that if the concerned officials show him the counter file, he would definitely gain huge margin against the rival candidate.

Rahman alleged that the DRO and RO favoured the JUI-F candidate against him, and turned his victory into defeat, although a huge difference was there in the forms 45 and 47. He also alleged that the DRO and RO were influenced by the JUI-F candidate and especially by former chief minister Akram Khan Durrani

He demanded of the Election Commission of Pakistan to take notice of the illegal favour and provide him justice by removing flaws in the counter file, Form-45 and Form-47, and then announce the result. He also warned to move the apex court against the Election Commission of Pakistan, and extreme steps for the attainment of his rights.