RAWALPINDI - The provincial government and the administration of damaged Darul Aloom Taleem-ul-Quran Raja Bazaar are in sharp conflict over the new building plan of the seminary burnt during the clashes on November 15 as well as the controversial statement of City Police Officer (CPO).

The administration of the seminary said that the local government was not taking the incident seriously as neither it has taken seminary people on board while drafting the map of the seminary nor was taken any action against the CPO for issuing a blunder before media. While the local government big wheels stitched their lips and was not speaking about the sensitive issue. 

Talking to a group of reporters on Tuesday, DATQ spokesman Allama Shakir Mehmood raised his serious concerns over the behaviour of the Commissioner and other high-ups of provincial government. He said that the district as well as the provincial government did not consult the map issue with the seminary administration. He said that the DATQ administration was being kept in darkness by the Commissioner and District Coordination Officer (DCO) on the map issue.

He said that the district government had assured the Ulema of demolishing the building and clear the debris within 15 days and construct in three months.  However, the slow pace of work negated the government claim, he added.

Allama Shakir said that they would offer Friday prayer outside the seminary in Raja Bazar until the completion of the building.  On a query about imposition of nine-point code of conduct (CoC) agreed by Ulema of different schools of thought to maintain sectarian harmony, Allama Shakir replied that this would be decided in a meeting called by Wafaq-ul-Madaris Pakistan tomorrow.

Commissioner Rawalpindi Division Khalid Masood Chaudhry and DCO Sajid Zafar Dall did not receive their cell phones when this scribe tried to get their version on the issue.

However, Frontier Works Organization (FWO), whom the government assigned the task to reconstruct the seminary, official Lt Col Noor told media that the seminary building would be demolished in two or three days before the stipulated time and would be built within two months.