BAGHDAD : Attacks mostly targeting Sunni Arab areas of Baghdad as well as northern and western Iraq killed at least 23 people on Tuesday, the latest in a months-long surge in bloodletting.

The rise in violence, which has killed more than 6,200 people this year, has prompted the authorities to appeal for international help in combating militancy ahead of general elections due in April.

Shootings and bombings on Tuesday hit west Baghdad, as well as the cities of Abu Ghraib, Fallujah, Baquba, Tikrit, Samarra, Mosul and Tarmiyah.

In the deadliest attack, twin roadside bombs exploded near municipal offices in Tarmiyah, a town just north of Baghdad that has seen multiple deadly attacks in recent weeks.

When onlookers gathered at the scene, two suicide bombers blew themselves up.

Militants in Iraq often carry out delayed attacks targeting first responders who rush to the scene of an initial bombing. Overall, nine people were killed and 17 wounded, two security officials said.

Violence elsewhere in Iraq left 14 people dead and dozens more wounded, security and medical officials said.