LAHORE (PR) - Organizations all over the world strive to improve and sustain productivity due to its profound impact; it leads to more income and high growth rate. There are a lot of factors involved in the productivity of organization that are Environment, organization, management and employee-related factors.

In today’s dynamic environment organisations put more focus on its human resources rather than its other resources; financial, organisational, etc. Human resources get more focus as it is the employees who make an organisation capable to achieve its goals and objectives and the can also drive organization to its success or failure. That’s why Henning said.

“Happy employees are the productive employees. An employee’s positive attitude usually enjoys the work that they do and feels empowered and recognised for their contributions.”

The most successful and productive organsations bring out t­he best from their employees. Now the question arises “if employees are the integral part of an organization’s success and failure than how organization improves employees productivity that leads to the organizational productivity? The answer to this question lies into a series of steps that must be taken by the organization.

Employees must be felt that they are the most essential part for the organization. And they must be included in decision making process. This feeling leads them to be self motivated and increases their working spirit. Than organizations must arrange the off the job trainings and on the job training programs that enhances their capabilities that will be beneficial for the growth of organization keeping in view the most efficient person as trainer. Working atmosphere counts a lot in the productivity of an employee. Many corporates put more focus on “how to create a comfortable workplace”. Work place environment must be soothing, neat & clean sitting place that are fully equipped with the latest technologies. The live examples are Google Inc, and Apple Inc who increases its productivity through this technique.

We are in the 21st centaury, a century of technological advancement. So if the organization wants to grow and become more productive than it has to keep updated both its technologies and employees. Also organizations must provide health facilities to their employees because if workers are healthy and fit than they can provide their best output.

Concluding that achieving an organization’s primary goal, productivity, largely depends upon the contribution made by its employees. So organizations must ensure all the necessary requirements to enhance the capabilities of its employees. (Rana Shahzaib, Zeeshan Ramzan, Umair Razzaq, Ghulam Rascal from UCP).