In the aftermath of last month's US election shockwaves, the global re-alignment mechanism can be seen 're-adjusting and settling' to become certain after a period of uncertainty this year. 

Since the Russian intervention took place in Syria, the world events have rapidly transfused into one-purpose agenda: the extermination of terrorism. Syraq and AfPak are central points of reference while Russia, China, America and Turkey are increasingly becoming focal points in determining the geopolitical paradigm. In my previous articles, I have highlighted the concept of 'territorial expansionism' and 'atheistic materialism' which are used as elements of destabilisation, enslavement and destruction. Prior to initiation of American primaries in February, the Middle East witnessed a danger of direct confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, potentially, developing into a regional or religious civil war in Islam. Bush and Obama era saw the active American militaristic presence in different regions of the world as per global establishment's agenda. Throughout 2012 to 2016, there was a decline in American presence but activation of military flashpoints was put in high-gear in order to instigate clash of interests.

Erdogan's Turkey was a victim. The Turkish civil government realised the weakness of Turkish establishment to resolve conflict and hence, decided to abandon the active role within contours of pro-Israeli NATO's agenda. In fact, new avenues have opened in different paradigms. Obama visited Japan and Vietnam. The ASEAN countries recognised the visit as an attempt to 'divide and rule.' However, this was tackled in a brilliant manner. ASEAN countries decided to diversify their foreign policy. Historically, ASEAN countries had to choose between China and America. This time, they had the window of opportunity to incorporate Russian iron hand against American invisible hand as witnessed through the brilliant timing of Russian intervention in Syria as well as the Syrian ceasefire plan. The rise of Christian Russia has led to setting of new benchmarks.

Activation of military flashpoints during American election primaries propelled the western and eastern nations to re-define their role. The divide in Turkish leadership came when Erdogan dropped the idea to remove Assad and decided to fight against ISIS. This was against the interest of pro-Israeli NATO. Two countries voted to fill in the gap as broker in Russian-Turkish rapprochement deal. It was Israel and Pakistan. Israel accepted three points of Turkey for the purpose of normalisation of relations. Putin and Netanyahu met four times in 2016. Pax Judaica is set to replace Pax Americana through WW3; America voted against Pax Americana by voting for Trump. However, Russia is leading the opposition against the war-madness of global establishment. The Turkish attack on Syria would've led to WW3. Hence, Pakistan was allowed the role of broker.

After the death of Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr, the ground which America had laid by removing a bloc in shape of Saddam-led Iraq caused the vacuum to spiral the Saudi-Iranian rivalry into potential Sunni-Shia religious civil war in the world of Islam. However, Pakistani parliament had said No to Saudi-led aggression in Yemen. It was a NO to not take sides. The failed 'coup' in Turkey strengthened Erdogan where the establishment wanted to make a Morsi out of him but failed, miserably. Erdogan proceeded to restore relations with Russia. Today, Russia is the only legitimate opposition to pro-Israeli NATO which seeks the rule of West over the whole world. The pro-Israeli NATO had tightened the noose around the Saudi and GCC countries in order to pressurise them to attack Syria - an ally to Russia and Iran. The only legitimacy the Assad government has in eyes of people is his opposition to Zionism. Pakistan-led and Turkish-sponsored 'Sino-Russian' presence in Iraq has two fronts and levels. The idea is to overthrow western imperialist intervention. Nature has provided time and space as Americans voted against Pax Americana - through Trump's win.

According to Max Keiser, Donald Trump is considered anti-establishment and anti-war. Trump, on record, stated that he will allow Russia to deal with ISIS. This is a good and brilliant approach. Clinton was establishment's darling who had made a mess in Libya and Syria.  She was determined to attack Iran on Israel's behalf. At this point in time, Russia has upheld a slogan: 'Moral law is the highest law.' Russia and China do not want to rule the world. However, pro-Israeli NATO is hell-bent upon destroying Russia and China. The global establishment wants to remain relevant, which is why they are keen to label Russia, China and Muslim countries as threat in shape of aggressors, oppressor and warmongers. It seems like Trump has a plan. The global establishment will try utmost to rein in USA inside Middle East. Trump has conversed with Putin. In addition to Syraq, the Af-Pak would be a concern. Not only does Trump intend to restore relations with Russia, he seeks to mediate between India and Pakistan. In event of Pakistani role in Russian-Turkish rapprochement deal, the functional role in Iraq plan and increased positive and effective diplomacy; Pakistan has a golden chance and brilliant opportunity to improve relations with Russia and USA. This will lower the efficacy of attempts made by Modi's India to isolate Pakistan.

Indo-Pak and Af-Pak emerged as concerns when America attacked Afghanistan. Iqbal stated in Stray Reflections, that Syria and Afghanistan are proxy states between the global empires. Byzantines and Persians fought over Syria. Afghanistan is emerging as the proxy state between Russia and America. Why? The Hub and Quetta blasts, according to Najam Sethi, were carried out by Afghan Taliban. This is the same group that Pakistani establishment handled in the past and also, during the Ghani's attempt to reconciliate with Afghans. This group has turned against Pakistan as they have realised that Pakistan lost an opportunity to provide them space in aftermath of Mullah Akhtar Mansur and Mullah Omar's death. Hence, they turned towards Daesh/ISIS. This is the same group which Trump and Putin want to fight. Is it not best time to target the non-state actors and gain support of America and Russia, while Israel and Indian spearhead their campaigns to isolate Pakistan? After all, the Panama Papers may not prove corruption on part of Sharif family, but it did prove one thing: Sharif utilised the resources they were given as gifts by Saudi, Emiratis and Qataris. At least, it wasn't usurped in the way Musharraf's dictator regime did. All anti-terrorism ops were executed during era of civil governments. The latest anti-terrorism op has been launched against LeJ in Balochistan in aftermath of Hub blast. It is late but never too late to set the course, aright. The record of how Sharif family utilised the gifts for the right purpose (with proper manner) along with the willingness to take action and commit themselves to eradication of terrorism will prove worthy in eyes of Trump and Putin. This is what they want. To destroy the global establishment's role in perpetuating terrorism and extremism. While Trump and Putin will reach an understanding along with Erdogan, regarding Syraq; the AfPak will be dealt with sensible and intelligent Pakistani leadership. Help of Iran and CAR's can be sought.

Civilian supremacy around the world is bringing about leaders who do not condone the militaristic status quo of global establishment. Duterte of Philippines is an example. He has shown desire to build strategic alliance with Russia and China against the global establishment. The contours of globally aligned camps are becoming prominent in design and texture. Iraq plan has two stages and fronts. The first stage is to deal with pro-Israeli NATO's attempt to spiral the Saudi-Iranian proxy war into Sunni-Shia religious civil war whose ultimate aim is destruction of Pakistan. Afterwards, they intend to proceed to wage war against Russia and China. However, Iraq plan is well under execution and both, the Pakistani civil government and Pakistan Army are united on CPEC factor which warrants continued collaboration, cooperation and coordination between both. It has potential not only to stop pro-Israeli NATO in its track to ignite spark of Sunni-Shia religious civil war but can thwart attempt to isolate Russia and China. Basically, Pakistani-led and Turkish sponsored 'Sino-Russian' presence in Iraq is being faciliated in favour of EurAsian bloc. And there are many economic and diplomatic interests attached to it.

In a nutshell: Iraq plan is a plan to avert and thwart gains of pro-Israeli NATO whether or not WW3 takes place. It is well under execution. Things like Panama Papers or Dawn leaks do not threaten the continuity of system. Khawaja Asif had announced Iraq plan in a symbolic manner, a couple of months ago.

The two stages and two fronts are: (i) Muslim world and its allies (ii) Russia & China and its allies. Pakistani civil-bilitary Leadership is united despite the differences. That is due to Chinese led economic bloc. Russia and China propel each other. The next stage is Russian led diplomatic offensive. That brings whole lot of opportunities and potentials. Now, doesn't India become the odd-one out in Asia?

Egypt has shown backbone in standing up to Saudi aggression and NATO oppression. Russian and Chinese leadership visited Egypt and provided aid with aim of mutual benefit. Saudi had also provided aid but expected slavery of Egyptian leadership. Then Pakistani COAS Raheel Sharif visited Cairo (Egypt) in order to meet Egyptian President, Genral Fateh Al-Sisi. This meeting aimed at carving out a EurAsian path against Pro-Israeli NATO. The Anglo-Israeli NATO wanted Egypt to replace Turkey as its front firepower after failed 'Turkish' coup attempt. Not only Egyptian leadership stood up against pro-Israeli NATO's warmongering and Israeli war-madness but Egypt denied to bend to Saudi aggressiveness and defied NATO oppression. Furthermore, Egyptian Supreme Court over-ruled the previous decision which declared to hang Morsi. This sounds similar to Pakistani scenario. It is time to bring all resources, together, to defeat pro-Israeli NATO. Obama was in Europe to re-iterate US support for NATO policies. This came a day after Trump and Putin agreed to reach terms on different issues. The global establishment benefits from clashes and confrontations - every time and every where. Israeli President was in India after Indian President had paid visit to Israel. Next phase is the visits of Prime Ministers of India and Israel to each other countries. Israel and India will try to drown Sino-Russian presence in Syraq and Af-Pak. The question which arises with level of utmost importance: Will Pakistani leadership take bold steps to destroy all forces of terrorism and extremism in a decisive manner?

It leaves no doubt that as long as militarism creeps in society through military dictatorships, Pakistan would always witness democracy restored in intervals to the point where the nature establishes a spiritual democracy – eventually, closing doors for militarism. It is a ‘belief’ that the destiny of realizing the dream behind creation of Pakistan is ‘existence’ of an ‘Islamic’ welfare ‘republic.’ Can a country be termed as ‘Islamic’ and ‘republic’, simultaneously? Answer: Only when the evolutionary mechanism is 90 percent moral struggle and armed struggle is for rising up against aggression or oppression. Spiritual democracy, balancing religious and secular approaches, substantiates as moral struggle where moral law is the highest law. It is continuation of Imam Hosein’s moral struggle against militaristic status quo of Yazeedi establishment which was built upon Kharijite lies. In a nutshell: Is Pakistan Army destined to be the Muslim army that will wage Ghazwa-e-Hind? No. Not until and unless it changes its conduct. Did its conduct match those qualities of a Muslim army when it allowed pro-Israeli NATO to invade and devastate the already divided and destructed Afghanistan? Alas, strategic depth!