LAHORE - The Punjab Assembly on Tuesday adopted a unanimous resolution condemning recent Israeli aggression on Ghaza and resultant killings of unarmed Palestinians. Terming it a continuation of Israel's 60 years long endless barbarity on Palestinian Muslims, the resolution described the killings of innocent Palestinians, especially those of innocent women and children, a worst human tragedy having no parallel in the annals of history. Punjab Minister for Law Rana Sanaulla moved the resolution in the House for approval after seeking consent of all parliamentary parties in Punjab Assembly. The resolution demanded of federal government to convey the feelings of Pakistanis to the United Nations (UN) and the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to pave the way for condemnation of Israel at the international level. The assembly further demanded of federal government to reiterate its political and moral support to Palestine at the world level so as to convey a message to Palestinians that they were not alone in this hour of distress. Through the resolution, all members of Punjab Assembly announced to donate their one-day salary to compensate the deplorable financial and human loss of Palestinians incurred due to Israeli aggression. Earlier, during debate on the resolution, assembly members mostly belonging to the PML-N asked the federal government to change its policy vis-a-vis America and Israel and stressed for taking practical measures in this regard. They were of the view that America and Jews were enemies of the Muslims and government should also realise this fact. Many believed that mere adoption of resolutions by the assemblies would not serve any purpose, and hence it was necessary that government should make diplomatic efforts to promote the cause of Palestinians.