With Pakistani cricket on the path of decline, the bigwigs at the cricket board need to review their policy for the development of this beloved sport altogether. What is needed most, as suggested repeatedly by the legendary Imran Khan, is to shift focus to the grass-roots level and start picking talent from small cities and towns far and wide instead of paying attention to only a few developed parts of the country like Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore. Another important step that is going to pay in the long run is to involve the cricketing stars of yesteryears in the progress and development of Pakistani cricket. In this regard, the best man for the job is, of course, the great Khan himself but many other stars of yore can contribute something to the sport that brought them glory. All this is going to take many years. In the short run, those at the helm of affairs at the Board could recall the full range of our talent by including even the ousted players like Muhammad Yousaf, Abdul Razaq, Imran Nazir and Rana Naveed etc. They could lift the team and bring back joy to the glum faces of Pakistani cricket enthusiasts. -UMER SHEHZAD, Numl University, Islamabad, February 3.