LAHORE - Graeme Kirk, an eminent British Jurist, said that the legal community around the world supports the just cause of Pakistani lawyers who are out on roads for the last two years to establish rule of law in the country. Kirk expressed these views while addressing the lawyers during his visit to the Lahore High Court Bar Association on Tuesday. The secretary LHCBA Rana Asadullah received the guest. Later he expressed his views to the members of the Lahore High Court Bar Association on the subject of 'Rule of Law'. He said the International Bar Association was the largest worldwide organisation of lawyers with over 30,000 members to take a great interest in the continuing struggle for an independent judiciary in Pakistan, and actively supports their great efforts including the Long March. He said the IBA was sending another mission to Pakistan in a few weeks following its first mission in 2007. Kirk hoped that with the election of President Obama, there seemed some grounds that the USA will be returning to the list of nations with respect for the rule of law. He said he personally knew many US Lawyers who had felt very ashamed by the actions of the Bush government over the last eight years. He said the rule of law was the foundation of a civilised society. It establishes transparent process accessible and equal to all. He further said that the international legal community was watching the ongoing struggle of lawyers for the rule of law in Pakistan with great interest and hope. He said international legal organizations like IBA would continue to do whatever they could to support the lawyers' movement. Secretary LHCBA Rana Asadulalh Khan thanked Graeme Kirk and informed that being the member of legal fraternity they were adopting a peaceful mean by giving a 10 Million Signature Petition to the Parliament on March 9 for the restoration of independent judiciary in Pakistan.