LAHORE - The Senate's standing committee for sports has summoned the PCB top brass and recently resigned director general Javed Miandad to appear before the committee on February 9. The disgruntled committee took serious note of the sackings of the low cadre employees of the board and the appointment of high salaried directors without following proper procedure. The PCB has thus far failed to satisfy the Senate committee on the fresh hiring and firing in the board. A three-member sub committee of the Senate's standing committee on sports led by Senator Tahir Mashhadi met here at the National Cricket Academy in an open session to look into the discrepancies in the recruitment and sackings of the PCB staff and the pay structure. Senators Col. Tahir Mashadi, Abdur Rahim Mandukhel and Haroon Khan attended the meeting whereas PCB Chief Operating Officer Saleem Altaf, director HR Wasim Bari, chief finance officer Mansoor Khan with his staff represented the board in the meeting, which was also attended by sacked RDOs, former director HR Nadeem Akram, media consultant Rao Ismail and mediamen. The committee in its next meeting will question PCB chairman Ijaz Butt for his wrong statements he gave before the committee. He told the committee that he did not fire any of the low cadre staff of the board when in Tuesday's meeting the presence of all the sacked employees of the board have proved Mr Butt wrong. Besides, all the official staff of the PCB, the committee has asked Miandad to appear before it in the next meeting in Islamabad. Senator Tahir Mashhadi said that the members of the standing committee for sports was not satisfied with the stance of the PCB officials on the Miandad issue. He said that the committee feels that injustice has been done with Miandad who is a great player in Pakistan cricket history. The issues would be resolved after hearing Miandad's point of view. They were also of the point of view that in the presence of the chairman why a similar position of a director-general was created going out of the recruiting procedure. The Senators further stated that they were not against downsizing but that should be carried out in proper procedure. He told journalists that the sacked employees would be tried to reimbursed and also directed not to use such words that would damage their reputation. Mashhadi said that the committee will give is recommendations to Senate and also issue a directive and if it was not followed then it would be forwarded to the chief patron of the board, President Asif Ali Zardari. Mashhadi further said that the Pakistan and India series revival is a must for the financial uplift of cricket in Pakistan. "There is an abundance of talent in Pakistan which should not go waste. Win and loss is part of the game but a massive defeat should be questioned," said Mashhadi. Senator Haroon Akhtar said that there should be accountability and audit of the accounts for the money disbursed during the previous board of Dr Nasim Ashraf. "There were Rs three billion then but the present set up claims of having just Rs one billion in the board accounts," he added. "Only money is being spent but the standard of the game is falling at a time when cricket has become a business," he added.