KARACHI - Students of Karachi University (KU), willing to change their major subjects in their second year of studies, are worried over the subjects change procedure and lack of assistance from the university, as every year several KU students move from one department to another. Talking to The Nation on Tuesday, Adeel Khan, a student at Karachi University Philosophy Department, said that there was no person or desk available which guide the students regarding the subjects change procedure. Many students have contacted the Semester Cell and Deans Offices but have failed to get proper information regarding the issue, he said. "This year the placement list of such candidates will be issued nearly one and a half month late and there was no surety of admission for the students in case of tough competition, who had officially been allowed to start taking classes in their desired departments where they wanted to go." Another Karachi University student, Hashim, who has applied for transferring his credit hours to International Relations Department, said that he was concerned over the matter that if he could not get transferred then what would be happened to his studies as he started taking classes in the said department. He said, "There is uncertainty among the students about the procedure as they are facing lack of assistance from the officials. Different departments in the Arts faculty are facing load of applications after the refusal of chairman of Mass Communication Department to give seats for such students." Convener Karachi University Semester Examination Cell Prof Dr Javed Zaki said that if any student failed to get admission in his or her desired department despite of taking of classes for a month in the preferred department, than this would be the responsibility of the chairman of the said department. "Karachi University allows its students to change major subject in the second year if they obtain at least 70 per cent marks in both the semesters in their minor subject. Students seeking change in any of the minor subject can apply for change within 30 days of the start of the semester of 1st year as well as 2nd year. All such permissions would be granted by the Dean on the recommendation of the Chairperson, provided there is a provision of such combination in the statutes," he said. Karachi University Dean Faculty of Arts, Prof Shams-ud-din said that there was no problem for the said candidates in this procedure except those candidates whose results were withheld.