WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States will use 'all elements of our national power' to deal with Iran, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Tuesday after Iran said it had launched a satellite into orbit. "This action does not convince us that Iran is acting responsibly to advance stability or security in the region," Gibbs told reporters, asked if the satellite launch undermined Obama's desire to open talks with Iran. "All of this continues to underscore that our administration will use all elements of our national power to deal with Iran and to help it be a responsible member of the international community," he said. "Efforts to develop missile delivery capability, efforts to continue on an illicit nuclear program, or threats that Iran makes toward Israel and its sponsorship of terror are of acute concern to this administration. "The president is clear that he wants Iran to be a responsible member of the world community." Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad announced his country had launched its first domestically made satellite into orbit, declaring the Islamic republic had "officially achieved a presence in space." State Department acting spokesman Robert Wood expressed concern after another US official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Tehran appeared to have put the satellite into low Earth orbit. "Developing a space launch vehicle that ... could put a satellite into orbit could possibly lead to development of a ballistic missile system," Wood told reporters. "That's of great concern to us," he said.