MULTAN - Central leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Makhdoom Javed Hashmi warned on Friday that the tussle between judiciary and executive was harmful for democracy as any third power would make an attempt to benefit from the situation.

Addressing a news conference here, he asserted that Supreme Court had the authority to interpret constitution. He suggested to the prime minister to bow down before the law and stop considering himself supreme. “If democracy suffers any loss because of stubbornness of prime minister, it will be a loss for entire nation,” he warned.

He rejected prime minister’s claim that all institutions were answerable to the parliament, saying in certain circumstance even a magistrate was more powerful than the prime minister. Hashmi was of the opinion that charge-sheet against Prime Minister was a serious issue that jolted democracy in the country. He said that the masses rendered tremendous sacrifices for the restoration democracy in the country as people wanted a civilian government. “But where to go if the civilian government becomes a martial law regime and abuse the power instead of resolving public’s issues,” he maintained. He added that the way the rulers were doing their job was not recognized democracy by the world because the meaning of democracy was obedience of national laws.

He regretted that the people had become tired of democratic system because of massive corruption committed by the rulers and now they had started calling democracy bad names. Answering a question on president’s constitutional status, he said that according to the constitution the president had to work as a non-political person but Zardari carried out all political activities at Presidency. He added that the activities of president did not match the interpretation given by the constitution for this portfolio as he held party meetings, issued orders to the bureaucracy and created a severe rift among state institutions.  He categorically declared that the government committed contempt of court as Supreme Court asked it to write letter to the Swiss Court but it did not consider the order. He added that the government did not dare take the NRO issue to the court but the people moved court on this topic. “Now why should not the court give a decision against those who benefited from NRO?” he posed a question. He said that if the rulers wanted to prevent Supreme Court from proceeding forth on letter issue, they should take it up in the parliament and get it approved.

To a query on Mian Nawaz Sharif’s upcoming visit to Multan, he said that Mian Sahib was coming to this town after a long period of four year. “He should have come earlier,” he added. He said that now the workers were being given offices but it would achieve nothing. Replying a question on PTI’s recent Lahore rally, he claimed that it was over 17-km long that reflected his party’s popularity in Lahore.

Earlier, many prominent personalities from Layyah announced joining PTI.