Twenty five members of four non-Muslim families have embraced Islam here after being impressed by the message of Last and Final Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him).

Fourteen members of a Hindu family embraced Islam in village Mundiyaanwala, Pasrur tehsil. The family embraced at the hands of religious cleric Mian Muhammad Shafi.

After the move, Dharam Lal has been renamed as Ghulam Muhammad, Kashila Devi-as Khadeeja Bibi, Karam Chand-as Muhammad Iqbal, Muafia Bibi as Rabia Bibi, Akash Chand as Muhammad Kashif, Anmol Devi as Anmol Kanwal, Asif Chand as Muhammad Asif, Javaid Lal as Muhammad Javaid, Piyari Devi as Riffat Aman, Sameer Chand as Muhammad Sameer, Naveed Chand as Muhammad Naveed, Laiba Devi as Laiba Shehzadi, Razia Devi as Razia Bibi and Aasha as Aysha Kanwal.

Meanwhile, four members of another Hindu family embraced Islam at the hands of religious cleric Syed Mubashar Hussain Shah during a ceremony held at village Kotli Loharaan near Sialkot here. From the family, Chaalu Devi has been renamed as Haleema Bibi, Sonia Devi as Aysha Bibi, Janta Bachan as Muhammad Ahmed Raza and Bhulla as Muhammad Usman.

In village Daallowali near Sialkot Cantt, a local Christian family embraced Islam at the hands of local religious scholar during a special ceremony held here.

Their Islamic names will be as Muhammad Hussain, his wife Fareeda Bibi and children Hassan Raza, Subhan Raza, Aysha and Fatima. In Uggoki, a Christian Riaz Maseeh also embraced Islam at the hands of a local religious cleric Allama Khalid Mehmood.

His Islamic name would be Riaz Maseeh-Muhammad Riaz.

shifting of SNGPL office: Local social, political, educational and business circles have protested against the shifting of SNGPL sub-office from Daska to Sialkot, due to which the local consumers have to travel to Sialkot (about 22-km away) for rectification of their complaints and correction of their bills.

They announced to set up a hunger strike camp if office was not restored in Daska by the SNGPL. Talking to the newsmen, Daska Thinkers’ Forum President Muhammad Jamil Sethi said that the SNGPL had left 60,000 consumers of the city at the mercy of the circumstances.

He said that the long queues could be witnessed at the SNGPL office in Sialkot as the consumers from Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils stand there for hours for the redressal of their grievances. He termed the shifting of the office a great injustice with people of Daska by the SNGPL management.

The inhabitants of city urged the SNGPL Managing Director to shift back the SNGPL sub-office to Daska from Sialkot in larger interest of the local people.