ISLAMABAD: Justice Amir Hani Muslim has remarked a woman being a Muslim has every right of separation from her spouse if she does not like him and does not want to stay in wedlock with him.

He further remarked: "Court cannot force any one to remain in wedlock. Social inconsistencies give rise to problem too. Court has tried to convince lady and her husband to reconcile. Court cannot pressurize them for reconciliation. Court has its own limits."

He gave these remarks while presiding over a 2-member bench of Supreme Court (SC) during the course of hearing of a case pertaining to dispute between spouses and child maintenance on Monday. 

Usman husband of the lady told the court during the hearing of the case that he will never divorce his wife and if she wants to seek Khulla through court then it is another thing.–Staff Reporter

Father of the lady told the court Usman  had one daughter as well and when his daughter contracted measles he said that he had not even suffered from measles since his childhood and if he came to meet his daughter then he will too contract the measles. One year has been elapsed but he has not come to meet his daughter and now he is saying to pay the money. The matter is before you now".

The court inquired from Shah Khawar what he wants to say in this matter. He said that he had tried to bring them to reconciliation but both the sides are not agreed over it.

The court while accepting the plea of the lady ordered for transferring the case from family judge Peshawar to family judge Islamabad.–Online