ISLAMABAD  - The government has so far released Rs. 179.364 billion under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for various projects against total allocations of Rs 540 billion for the fiscal year 2013-14.

According to the latest data of Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, Rs. 37,250.403m have been released for various projects of Pakistan Energy Commission, out of its total allocations of Rs52,300m, earmarked under PSDP for FY 2013-14. Upto Jan 31, a sum of Rs22,618.901m has been released to National Highway Authority out of total allocation of Rs63,038.619m for the current fiscal year.

Out of the total funds of Rs. 25,739.199 million allocated for the National Health Service Regulations and Coordination Division for the current year, the Planning Commission released Rs. 10,504.797 million so far. The Commission also released Rs 11,447.858 million for Railway Division out of its total allocations of Rs 30,964.894 million whereas Rs. 306 million have been released for National Food Security and Research Division, out of its total allocations of Rs. 750 million for the year.

Funds of Rs. 7,396 million have been released for Higher Education Commission out of its total allocation of Rs. 18,490 million for the year 2013-14 whereas out of total allocations of Rs. 2,363.974 million earmarked for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Division, Rs.740.538 million have been released so far.

According to the data, the Commission released Rs. 35,460.170 million for WAPDA (Power) out of its total allocations of Rs 51,543.42 million whereas Rs. 16,487.997 million have been provided to WAPDA (Water Sector) out of its total allocations of Rs. 57,840.211 million.

Meanwhile, Rs.5,508.00 million have been released for Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA), out of its total allocations of Rs.10,000 million for the current year.

The Commission also released Rs. 962.613 million for Cabinet Division, Rs.34.839 for Climate Change Division and Rs.553.700 million for Commerce Division.

In addition, Rs. 252.698 million have been released for Education and Training Division, Rs. 3,429.158 million for Finance Division, Rs.281.439 million for Industries Division, Rs. 2,441.284 million for Interior Division and Rs.68.694 for Narcotics Control Division.

The Commission, released Rs.20 million for Petroleum and Natural Resources Division, Rs. 166.290 for Planning and Development Division, Rs.868.042 million for Science and Technology Research Division, Rs.136.262 for SUPARCO and Rs. 126 million for Textile Industry Division.

Funds of Rs.5,447.80 million have been released for AJK (Block and other projects), Rs. 4,471.200 million for Gilgit Baltistan (Block and other projects) where as Rs. 9,108 million have been released for SAFRON/FATA.

The Planning Commission of Pakistan has been following a proper mechanism for the release of funds and accordingly funds are released as per given mechanism.

The Commission releases 20 per cent of funds in first quarter (July-September), 20 per cent in second quarter (October-December), 30 per cent third quarter(January-March) and 30 per cent in fourth quarter