LAHORE  - A tourist reaches Lahore from Thoker Niaz Baig Bypass on a bus, going further into the capital of Punjab depending on public transport, would be a lesson never to be forgotten.

Skimming around the heart of Pakistan depending on Public transport only, reveals the small and weak anatomy of the public transport system of the mighty Lahore.

Going to Jinnah Hospital, Punjab University, Muslim Town, Jail Road or onward at Canal Road, a tourist would have to wait for a minimum of half hour and if he’s luckily enough to find one finding a seat would be another milestone.

In fact entering Lahore from Sheikhupura Road to Chowk Yadgar would be no different story. Going to Shrine of Hazrat Ali Hajveri (R.A) and onward to Government College University (GCU), Chowk Yatim Khana to Thoker Niaz Beg and other major places of Lahore would be a similar nightmare.

Fortunately passengers arriving from Kasur can find good Mazdas to Railways Station or General Bus Stand Badami Bagh but most of time vehicles are packed.

Adding to that while travelling in the city, dozens of commuters can be seen standing at a Ferozpur Road bus stop, which also has the multi-billion metro track.

On the other hand the metro buses can be seen packed up neck to neck.

Jail Road, Mall Road, Wahdat Road from Multan Chungi to Muslim Town all reflects the same situation.

Poor outdated vans fitted with substandard CNG cylinders would welcome you from Thoker Niaz Beg to Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital or toward Shok Chowk on towards Liberty Roundabout.

And going from Thoker Niaz Baig to Allama Iqbal Airport would be mission impossible. Outdated vans are available from Thoker to Tabligi Centre Raiwind.  

Amid the situation, new route dimensions introduced by Lahore Transport Company (LTC) is no good, a commuter kills one hour to reach destination which can be covered by foot in the same time.

“There are around 50 routes in the City and half of them have no proper public transport. A commuter has no alternate but costly private rickshaw,” said a government official working in Transport Department. The buses running under the umbrella of LTC charge heavy fare from passengers.

The culture of taking taxi has almost been abolished due to heavy charges. There are few taxi stands left in the City. One cannot even find a yellow cab which was brought by the PML-N government during its past tenure in Punjab with the claim that cabs would help to end public transport miseries of poor commuters.

How female students and other youngsters studying at schools and colleges, travel around the city is another miserable story.

Amid the situation when millions of commuters face severe problems to travel in the city, the LTC instead of focusing on real issues is going for new experiences. As per the latest development, Company has launched a new service (LTC Mobile SMS Service) in Lahore to facilitate the commuters travelling in the public transport. “This service will impart cutting edge technology to the general public who would now be able to access required information about various routes and notified fare on the given number 03320-582582 provided by LTC. In addition to this, they will also obtain the valuable information regarding special initiatives of LTC such as student green cards and free transport facilities for senior and disabled citizens,” said a statement of the LTC. It simply means that if you want to travel in the city you must keep a mobile in your pocket.