KARACHI (PR): 4th Pakistan IPO Summit–2014 of the South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE) (a body of SAARC) was held here at a local hotel.Muhammad Zubair Minister of State for Privatization Government of Pakistan & Chairman Privatization Commission, was the chief guest on this occasion. CEOs of the leading Pakistan companies listed with the Stock Exchanges of Pakistan participated in the Summit in search of new venues of Investment and Cooperation. Manzoor Ahmed MD, NIT presented a brief but comprehensive presentation on NIT Funds in this august gathering. He specially underlined the outstanding performance of NI (U)T fund,currently Outperforming KSE-100 Index Benchmark. He described the stability of NIT by stating that recently NIT has settled the entire borrowings of 17.2 billion with 9 billion markup of its State Enterprise Fund (SEF). He referred to NIT’s role in the stability of Stock Exchange in the past and renewed the commitment for any future challenge(s).