ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court has summoned Defence Secretary on February 17th to seek his explanation on non-compliance of court orders in Hafiz Muhammad Jamil missing person case.

Justice Amir Hani Muslim remarked “government and intelligence agencies should note it well that nobody would be allowed to take any step beyond law. On one hand Director Legal comes here late and on the other hand he holds no information about Hafiz Jamil.”

He further remarked: “the court should not be made to understand that how the internment centers function. We are silent for some reason. But it should not be construed that we don’t have any knowledge about the new law. If some is doing any thing beyond law then he is doing wrong. You even don’t know that reasons are mentioned in the detailed order and high court has already issued order. Commission has also recorded it in its order. Now the Defence Ministry is violating human rights.”

He gave these remarks during the course of hearing of Hafiz Muhammad Jamil case here on Monday by a two-member bench of SC.

At the inception of hearing of the case, standing counsel, Talat Hussain told the court that Additional Attorney General (AAG) Tariq Khokhar is obtaining information and directives from Defence Ministry in respect of both missing persons. He will appear before the court within some time. “

Court remarked that defence ministry officials have not come as yet.

The court was told that one officer of Defence Ministry has come. AAG is talking to him. Later AAG Tariq Khokhar and police officers appeared in the court.

The court inquired what has been done with reference to Hafiz Jamil.

Tariq Khokhar told the court an order was issued on January, 20, 2014. There is difference in the report filed in Sindh High Court (SHC). Three lists have been filed. The commission is investigating about the list which was filed by Amna Masud Janjua.

Amna Masud Janjua told this case related to detention center.

Justice Amir Hani Muslim remarked how is the matter of enforced disappearance and detention is looking in this case. The thing is correct what they say that there are 3 categories. Enforced disappearances, detention and the third list is related to investigation.

Amna Masood said please summon the orders of SHC and see it.

Tariq Khokhar said that the hearing has not been completed so far in SHC of Hakimullah versus Federal government is case of 2011.

Amna Masood Janjua told the court that Defence Ministry had said Hafiz Muhammad Jamil has been traced out and he is in detention center. But internment center is being located.

The court summoned SHC orders in this regard. AG provided the order.

The court remarked: “order is telling that Amna is saying correct.

Defence Ministry has done what.”

Representative of Defence Ministry said some misconception has developed.

Court observed SHC had not accepted this plea of yours. Reply to it where is Hafiz Jamil.

Representative of Defence Ministry said “ I have stated one and same thing before commission and court.”

The court remarked “on one hand you don’t come in time and on the other hand you argue. “

Representative of Defence Ministry said he should be given time and he would see the matter.

Justice Amir Hani remarked “you should not bother to come here if you have to assist this way and you have no information. Your man was present there. We are not responsible of your file. You are talking so deliberately. Has Defence Ministry no knowledge about it. “

The representative said to his view Defence Ministry should have knowledge about it.

Justice Amir Hani Muslim inquired from AAG “what should we do.”

He said time has been sought for two weeks in writing.

Justice Amir Hani remarked “ we can not give so much time. We should give 15 days time for what purpose.  May be all the allegations of Defence Ministry are correct. But tell us the facts. Tell us where he is. If you think we will close our eyes but we can not do so. Law is in place in this country. We will summon Defence Secretary. Don’t tell us about the procedure of internment centers. We know every thing. The matter can be resolved within one minute. We know how the attendances are marked. We will seek oath from you just now and you will have to tell every thing. Do you know about system or otherwise.

Justice Amir Hani remarked “ you are working beyond the system. If you are doing so then you are doing wrong. You have to work under system. Every one has its limits. We want to know about that youth. You want date but we will summon Defence Secretary.”

The court inquired who is chief incharge of detention centers.

Representative of Defence Ministry said 40 to 42 internment centers are operating. Every center has its own incharge. I am working with reference to ISI and GHQ.

Justice Amir Hani remarked “ give us in writing the information from operator to officer about whom you are talking about. We summon all of them. Talk in responsible way. Talk but what is appropriate We will keep it secret what you want to be kept secret. We are not talking about keeping them in detention under new law but we are seeking information about them.

Director legal Irfan said “please give me proper time I will give reply at every cost. “

The hearing of the case was adjourned till February 17th.

During the course of hearing of Hammad Aamir case AAG Tariq Khokhar told he was in detention center of Lakki Marwat and he has been located. He can arrange his meeting with his family members, he added,

The court disposed off the case directing that meeting of Hammad Aamir be arranged with his father.

Perveen Rehman murder probe

Supreme Court has ordered District and Sessions Judge Karachi to probe into threats given to officials of Orangi Pilot Project.

A three-member judge bench headed by Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jilani heard the case related to murder of Perveen Rehman.

During the proceedings, DIG West was asked to explain the term ‘cracker’, being frequently reported in media.

DIG West Javed Odho told the bench that these are homemade devices, being used to carry out explosions.

About progress in the murder case, Javed Odho said prime suspect Qari Bilal, injured and arrested, died of his injuries but disclosed three names, Toor Khan, Tableeghi and Farhan, also involved in the assassination of Perveen Rehman.

He further said that the three suspects had recently moved to Karachi, and police found no record about them.

On a query, he further said that slain Perveen Rehman had also named few personalities belonging to land grabbers and political parties.

Later, the hearing was adjourned for two weeks, and the court ordered police to provide security to complainant.