Dr. Aamir Liaqat is a curious case. A mere mention of this name can turn any serious, erudite discussion into a hilarious travesty. And why not? Expecting reasonable and rational behaviour from him is as useless as traffic lights in GTA.

His antics aren't unknown to many and he keeps adding to them frequently. His evolution in the media business has been incredible. Whether it’s badmouthing in front of the camera (an act he later shamelessly denied), making a clown of oneself in a live Ramadan show, ridiculing a music artist on live TV or in extremity, hosting a bigot to incite sectarian violence –AamirLiaqat has done it all.

A recent addition to his 'accolades' however is a regretfully hilarious blend of the aforementioned. The celebrated religious scholar cum TV host cum entertainer cum everything-that-involves-folly (yes, celebrated for his tomfoolery) recently enlightened the masses on his morning show on how not to be led astray by the message of the movie PK – a subject I have dealt with in detail here.

The 'renowned' religious scholar might feel duty-bound, being an expert in the field, started with bashing atheism and spoke at length supporting the ''fear factor'' of religion. Mr. Aamir Liaqat equated the fear instilled in masses in order to be exploited by the clergy with the fear of punishment that deters crimes and unacceptable behavior generally in a civilized society.

In doing so he completely neglected the outcome and made the stupid generalization that ''fear'' is good in any case. He called it a blatant propaganda of atheists against faith and dubbed it ''The New World Order''. (Woodrow Wilson and Winston Churchill are free to have a good laugh. Posthumously of course).

He further emphasized the importance of religion by attributing to it everything good that has happened to mankind. His sermon reserved a few moments of scornful treatment for rationalism. It seems Dr. Aamir Liaqat has a special dislike for, rather enmity with, rational thought or to put it in simple words: the use of brain. And he just doesn't talk it, he walks it as well.

Aamir Liaqat further threw light on how the Indian people are slaves to superstitions and have no regard for rational thought. Not to mention his morning show also has a segment on Astrology – a subject which the acclaimed evolutionary biologist and scientist, Professor Richard Dawkins termed ''non-sense'' in a questionnaire on Astrology and Astronomy. Perhaps by then the religious scholar-cum-entertainer had forgotten his bad blood with rationality.

Shifting his attention to a scene of the mentioned movie where a Muslim man is seen having multiple wives, the great doctor totally rejected the impression that Muslims are involved in polygamy. ''Even if we do it,'' Aamir Liaqat exclaimed with a pleasant smile marked with pride, ''it’s because we can do it''. In case you missed the point, he was questioning the virility of non-Muslim men.

He further entertained people by moving his belly (in typical-Aamir-Liaqat style) mocking yoga as shown on different Indian TV channels. Intermittently, he and one of his guests spent time making vile and unsuitable gestures, both verbally and physically, in front of an audience that included families.

As a last dig at the movie PK, and its message of questioning the adjusted belief-systems, Aamir Liaqat stressed on the significance of discipline which could only come by non-wavering conformity with religious teachings. In a perfect display of his scientific knowledge, Aamir Liaqat cited the movement of oceans and the sun in support of his argument. How the example is even relevant, I am wondering as well.

After a long, tedious, venomous and self-contradictory tirade, he concluded by stressing on interfaith harmony, respect for all religions and mutual tolerance.