“And the winner is...” Miss Amazon 2015 in Brazil ended in acrimony and accusations of cheating when a runner-up tore the sash and crown from the winning contestant. Smiling and holding hands, the two finalists waited for the announcement of the result of the competition on Friday night in the Amazonas state in northern Brazil. Carolina Toledo had just a moment to celebrate her victory before furious rival Sheislane Hayalla sneaked up from behind and yanked off her crown and sash, according to video of the event posted online. The rude departure from pageant politesse was greeted with both cheers and screams from the exasperated crowd.

Video of Hayalla’s reaction went viral on social networks. “In Manaus money is the boss and I’m showing the people of Amazonas that money is not in charge here, she did not deserve it,” said Hayalla in reference to the state’s capital.

Hayalla told Globo G1 that even before the event she knew she wouldn’t be the winner and that Toledo was given special privileges other contestants didn’t have. “There were more prepared contestants (than the winner), and they do not regret what I did because it was not against them but against the coordination of the competition,” Hayalla said.

Afterwards, an incensed Toledo said Hayalla would “face justice” for her allegations. “I got the title by my effort, sacrifice... I sleep with a clear conscience,” said Toledo. The winner of Miss Amazon competes in Miss Brazil in September.