ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's favourite son Master Syed Haider Mannan added another feather to his decorated cap as he won gold medal in the England National Kickboxing Championship 2015 in +48 and +85kg light contact.

Black Belt 7th Dan Haider won the title held in Manchester, England. Haider has already won several titles and one of them is the world title. Talking to The Nation, Haider said: “It was the third title for me in same categories. I am coming to my country of birth on February 14 in Islamabad, where I will arrange free of cost kickboxing seminar and then after conducting trials, I will select a team for world championships, which include ISKA World Championship in Portugal, WMO World Championship in England, WKC World Championship in Portugal, WKKC World Championship in USA and WTKA World Championship in Italy.” Master Haider would compete in the world championship on February 5 and if he wins it, it will be a world record for him to win a world championship at the age of 55.

He added: “I know Pakistan is blessed with natural talent but the only need of the hour is to find and provide them with best training and show them the right direction. I could have easily represented the UK, the country I had adopted, but I always prefer to represent Pakistan. I have a lot of offers to represent the UK in international events, which could provide me a lot of money and other benefits, even I was also presented a cheque of 200,000 pounds to represent the UK, but I refused to accept it due to sheer love for my beloved country.”

“I would love to help Pakistani players scale new heights in kickboxing and win laurels for the country. My arrival in the country is a part of that mission, which I had long dreamt for paying back to my beloved country which gave me identity and honour across the world,” Haider concluded.