Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Ameer Sirajul Haq warned that those setting at the helm of affairs should fear the day when hundreds of thousands farmers will march on Islamabad for their right and against the exploitation and cruelty meted out to them since the last 67 years by the corrupt aristocracy.

“If Jamaat comes into power, it will provide a uniform education system both for the poor and rich, the farmers will be extended interest-free loans and GST on agricultural implements will be waived off while loans to small farmers will be written off.”

JI Pakistan Ameer Sirajul Haq stated this while addressing a large gathering of farmers of “Kissan Bachao Tehreek” here in Khairpur Tamewali on Tuesday.

The JI chief said that he address to the leaders of Islamabad that the poor farmers and labourers were paying taxes and braving crises only for sovereignty of this country, adding that they (farmers) gave sacrifice of their blood only to keep the mother land green.

“If rulers succeeded in making the famer flourish then Pakistan will also thrive,” he emphasised, adding that the government had to import wheat from America and India by spending precious public foreign capital and if the government transfer this profit to the local farming community instead of Indian and other countries farmers, Pakistani agriculture sector would flourish, bringing prosperity not only to the farmers but to the entire nation.

He pointed out that they neither acclaimed GST, nor any other tax rather Zakat and Ushar because the poor paid taxes on which the rulers spent a luxurious live, looting these taxes and amassing these loots in foreign banks. “VIP culture and non-developmental expenses have been adjusted against the hard-earned money of the nation,” he regretted.

Sirajul Haq claimed that he had come to know that the local police implicate the farmers on one pretext and the other, warning that if in future he learnt that “the police have touched shawl of a farmer then I will grab the politicians in Islamabad by their collar.” The Jamaat ameer stressed that if the farmer get united for their rights, he assured them that they would surely get their rights at their footsteps.

The JI chief regretted that courts were not providing justice to the masses, adding that there was a need for the chief justice to a role model his subordinates while delivering justice.

He reiterated that whenever Jamaat came into power, it would provide free medication for five diseases including hepatitis, cancer, heart and lung diseases and Thalassaemia.

He said that family which earned less than Rs30,000 a month, would be provided with subsidy on flour, grams, ghee, rice and sugar.

Sirajul Haq further expressed his wish that he wanted to see rule of the farmer, labours and the poor and the nation should shun differences and stand united for Islamic Revolution as solution to all of the prevailing problems was laid in the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

“The rulers divided this country into two parts and commit corruption to the tune of Rs1,500 billion annually,” he informed, adding that this merciless corruption had destroyed the Wapda and PTCL and had resulted in the closure of precious public industries. “People who are involved in sending the poor to Jail should be sent to Adyala Jail,” he declared.

The JI ameer said that he would go to every district and gather the poor farmers and labourers. In the country VIP culture has been carried on since the time of british raj, though the British has left but VIP culture still persists, Siraj lamented, adding that Cholistani land was the right of Cholistanis and no one would be allowed to usurp their right.

He said that today Cholistan was deprived of water, when Jamaat-e-Islami would come into power, the Bahawalpur Province would be restored and Cholistan would be given the status of a district. He regretted that children of the poor were feed on the garbage piles while dogs of the rich get feed in plates.

System of proportionate representation should be adopted to resolve problems and for real democracy, he concluded.