Ameen:     Mohammad Amir was 18 years old! I mean come on. He came from a family that could not always provide him with the best of everything. He was new to the game of fame. Any kid could get carried away- not to mention our players aren't paid half as much as international players should be paid. In light of all these things they should have shown more leniency and shortened his sentence, at least so he could play in the upcoming World Cup.

Sadiq:     On the contrary, they should have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. It was a huge scandal and it tarnished the very spirit of the game apart from the national humiliation. It wasn't a petty charge. Spot fixing is right up there on the cheating ladder. And come on, 18 isn't a baby. If it's old enough to vote, to drive, to manage money, to marry, to carry a firearm, it's a good enough age to know you are cheating and that it is wrong.

Ameen:     May be, but the circumstances surrounding his act have to be taken under consideration. If he was being egged on by senior players, if he came from a poor home, if he got carried away...

Sadiq:     Oh come on Ameen. You're letting your emotions get the better of you.

Ameen:     As should you be. Can you imagine what an asset he would have been to our team this World Cup? Can you even imagine? Just look at our state today. It's despicable. Mismanaged, failed, poor players, poor training. Amir was boy wonder-- I'm afraid his career is almost destroyed.

Sadiq:     He did it to himself, just as our cricket board has brought these trials upon its own self. He has only himself to blame. It will be a huge regret to swallow, for the nation and for the young man.