ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court directed the provincial bar councils to submit report on number of complaints received against the lawyers’ misbehaviour with judges and litigants, besides informing the court what disciplinary action has been taken against them.

Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, who was heading a two-member bench, remarked if the lawyers’ attitude is not good with the judges then how could there be independence of judiciary in the country.

Malik Haider Zaman, a lawyer, misbehaved with the Civil Judge Farhat Jabeen Rana in Ferozwala and the case reached the Supreme Court in a bail application.

Chaudhry Abdul Islam, Chairman Executive Committee of Punjab Bar Council, appearing on behalf of the council said that he would weed out the black sheep from the lawyers’ community. He submitted a report according to that the Punjab Bar Council in the last five years received 4,295 complaints against the bad attitude of lawyers with the judges and the litigants.

Justice remarked that so far tribunals had not taken action against any lawyer for misbehaving with the judges. Islam said he was fully aware of the situation. He added unfortunately such cases were dealt in non-professional manner.

 The chairman executive committee Punjab Bar Council assured the court that he would take to task those lawyers who misbehave with the judges.

The court noted that the Balochistan lawyers have the best relationship with the judges.

The court was also informed that some people who do not have LLB degrees are masquerading as lawyers. Islam said after identifying such lawyers they would take action against them.

The case was adjourned till 25th February.