ISLAMABAD - Japan has expressed its concern over what it claimed the threats coming from the elements associated with the militant organisation, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), to its nationals staying in Pakistan, said the sources on Tuesday. They said that a Japanese delegation on Tuesday met with the Inspector General of Islamabad Police, Tahir Alam Khan, at his office in the evening to express their concern over the threats coming from the elements linked with ISIS to the Japanese people staying in Pakistan. The delegation told the capital police chief that their nationals were receiving threatening phone calls from the persons claiming to be linked with ISIS.

However, the sources said that the IG denied presence of ISIS in Pakistan and assured the delegation of full protection and security to the Japanese nationals while they are in Pakistan. He also advised the Japanese nationals in Pakistan to limit their movement and seek police protection while moving in the city due to security reasons. The sources said that Japanese delegation insisted that ISIS sympathisers were very much present in Pakistan, adding they feel threatened at the hands of such elements. The delegation consisted of officials from Japan embassy in Pakistan and representatives of Japanese working on different projects in Pakistan, the sources added. Despite the display of graffiti and banners in different cities of the country, the official sources have claimed that the Islamic State's network was not present in Pakistan. On the other side, some political circles claimed that the militant organisation, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), was rapidly growing in Pakistan. They believed that militants working with various Taliban groups were now joining the ISIS.