People’s Party has finally launched Bilawal, son of former slain Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, in the murky political arena of Pakistan. He started his political career by delivering a fiery speech on the fifth anniversary of his mother’ assassination, Dec 27. Bilawal who graduated from Oxford this year seems to be a bit young to contest for an assembly seat in the upcoming elections. The astonishing part of this political party, that loudly claims to be the party of the people, is always led by a feudal lord, such as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto or his foreign educated daughter, and now the third generation of ‘jet group’, foreign educated youngster, who has no idea of ground realities in Pakistan who spent last two years in learning to speak Urdu.

How can they claim to represent the poor downtrodden masses? Has everyone in Pakistan lost their minds, the laborers, peasants, teachers, students, educated class, nationalists and minorities, have ended up choosing one young spoiled brat from a rich family to lead them? Let’s find a son of the soil to lead us, let’s dream of young hard working men and women to lead us, who can understand our problems.

This calamity is not limited to People’s Party only; all other major political parties are becoming dynastic ruling class now, be it Muslim League (N/Q),Tahreek-e-Insaf, Awami National Party etc. Top decision-making positions are filled by the party head’ family members or their family members such as son-in-laws and what not. In absence of any ideology based politics, a party leader look for the most profitable coalitions, which guarantee their grip on party matters. Poor party workers are there to clap, enforce strikes, shout slogans or enjoy one good dinner after a public meeting.

Pakistanis need to come out of this dynastic political culture or be ready to be fooled by a nexus of Bhutto’s of Larkana, Zardari’s of Nawab Shah, Sharif’s of Lahore, Mufti’s of D I Khan, Choudry’s of Gujarat, Ayub’s of Abbotabad, Khan’s of Peshawar and Mianwali, Gilani’s and Mukhdoom’s of Multan, the list goes on. As the politicians will play musical chairs to select the winning horses for next five-year term, Pakistan will continue to suffer on the front of good governance, economy, education, law and order, and terrorism.


Saudi Arab, December 28.