KARACHI - As many as 184 criminals and 73 terrorists were killed during at least 480 police encounters in 2017 in Karachi.

This was stated a performance report of year 2017 issued by the Karachi police on Wednesday. The report has shared the numbers of the criminals arrested and killed by police during police encounters and raids and recoveries made during the police actions in all seven districts of Karachi police.

According to a report, total 480 police encounters took place in year 2017. The Karachi police arrested 587 criminals red-handed, 7134 criminals, two terrorists, two highway robbers, 12 kidnappers, 392 proclaimed offenders, 3321 absconders and 49 extortionists. Also busted 466 organized criminal gangs and killed 184 criminals and 73 terrorists while total 16 cops were martyred and 30 cops were injured. Also, the police claim to have recovered 969 two-wheelers and 31 four wheelers.

Besides recovering the four-wheelers and two-wheelers, the police also claim to have recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunitions including four light machinegun (LMGs), seven G3 rifles, 14 MP-5 rifles, 166 sub machineguns (SMGs), 61 repeaters, 92 rifles, 6204 pistols, 47227 ammunitions, one rocket launcher, 357 hand grenades and 1406 cellphones.

According to statistics, a total 29 encounters took place in District South with apprehension of 52 criminals red-handed and busting at least 26 gangs of criminals. Two street criminals were also killed in the police encounters while a total 594 criminals were arrested. District South police arrested 40 proclaimed offenders and 660 absconders. Sharing details about the recoveries by District South police, the District South police also recovered four repeaters, 24 hand grenades, 510 pistols, 1548 ammunitions, four rifles, 87 mobile phones, 71 motorcycles and two cars.

In District City, police arrested 42 criminals red-handed in 65 police encounters while also busted 45 organized gangs of criminals while also killed 32 criminals. The District City police also arrested 924 criminals, two terrorists, 89 proclaimed offenders, 330 absconders and three extortionists. 19 Kalashnikovs, 15 repeaters, seven rifles, 821 pistols, 3182 ammunitions, one rocket launcher, 93 hand grenades, 58 cellphones, 118 motorcycles and three cars were also recovered.

In District East, police arrested 115 criminals red-handed in 83 police encounters. The police also claim to have busted 89 organized criminal gangs. 36 criminals were killed, 1030 criminals were arrested, 15 proclaimed offenders, 281 absconders, seven kidnappers, eight extortionists, four police officers martyred and two injured. One Light machinegun, six MP-5 rifles, 34 SMGs, nine repeaters, six rifles, 881 pistols, 24749 ammunitions, 24 hand grenades, 204 cellphones, 178 motorcycles and nine cars were also recovered.

In District Korangi, police arrested 82 criminals red-handed in 66 police encounters. The police also claim to have busted 64 organized criminal gangs. 26 criminals were killed, 989 criminals were arrested, 37 proclaimed offenders, 203 absconders, three kidnappers, five police officers martyred.

One MP-5 rifles, 22 SMGs, three repeaters, 16 rifles, 912 pistols, 4423 ammunitions, 50 hand grenades, 284 cellphones, 100 motorcycles and six cars were also recovered.

In District West, police arrested 61 criminals red-handed in 76 police encounters. The police also claim to have busted 60 organized criminal gangs. 25 criminals were killed, 1332 criminals were arrested, 112 proclaimed offenders, 558 absconders, 11 extortionists, five police officers martyred and eight injured.

One G3 rifle, one MP-5 rifles, 14 SMGs, seven repeaters, eight rifles, 1174 pistols, 4363 ammunitions, 77 hand grenades, 164 cellphones, 116 motorcycles and one car were also recovered. In District Central, police arrested 136 criminals red-handed in 77 police encounters. The police also claim to have busted 86 organized criminal gangs. 12 criminals were killed, 1505 criminals were arrested, 44 proclaimed offenders, 382 absconders, 17 extortionists, ten cops injured. One light machinegun, one G3 rifle, three MP-5 rifles, 24 SMGs, 13 repeaters, 24 rifles, 1247 pistols, 4482 ammunitions, 55 hand grenades, 399 cellphones, 289 motorcycles and five cars were also recovered.

In District Malir, police arrested 99 criminals red-handed in 84 police encounters. The police also claim to have busted 96 organized criminal gangs. 51 criminals were killed, 760 criminals were arrested, 60 terrorists killed, two highway robbers, 55 proclaimed offenders, 907 absconders, four extortionists, two cops martyred and four cops injured.

Two light machineguns, three G3 rifle, three MP-5 rifles, 53 SMGs, 10 repeaters, 27 rifles, 659 pistols, 4480 ammunitions, 34 hand grenades, 210 cell phones, 97 motorcycles and five cars were also recovered.