LAHORE - The Meteorological Department Wednesday forecast foggy weather for the provincial capital and its suburbs during the next couple of days.

The city is in the grip of cold wave as fog has revisited the plains of the province. With the return of fog, traffic troubles were also reported especially in the morning and evening. Fog started falling in Tuesday evening and became so dense at early hours of Wednesday.

Visibility reduced to almost zero on the highways and other open areas. Due to low visibility Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) didn’t allow flight operation on the Allama Iqbal International Airport.

A total of 23 flights were delayed while three were cancelled. Some flights were diverted to other cities while some airplanes remained in the air till the fog started receding. PIA flight-317 to Karachi, Air Blue-405 to Karachi Air Blue-404 from Karachi were cancelled while Shaheen Air flight-712 from Damam flew after an hour delay. Flights to Multan and Sialkot airports were directed to Lahore.

Qatar Airways flight-620 from Doha was eleven hours behind schedule, Ittehad Airways flight from Abu Dhebi 10 hours, Air Blue-475 flight from Riyadh eight hours and PIA flight-264 from Abu Dhabi seven hours, Shaheen Airline flight-712 from Damam four hours , Qatar Airways flight for Doha one hour, Sareena Air Line flight-520 from Karachi five minutes, Saudi Air Lines flight-732 from Ryadh was 40 minutess, PIA flight-734 from Barcelona one hour, PIA flight-760 from Jeddah four hours, Air Blue flight-410 for Dubai six hours, Qatar Airways flight-621 nine hours, Ittehad Airways flight-242 for Abu Dhabi 12 hours, Air Blue-412 for Sharjah eight hours, Turkish Airline for Istanbul 50 minutes, Shaheen Air-735 for Jeddah 14 hours, PIA for Islamabad two hours, PIA for Karachi four hours, Qatar Airways for Doha one hour, Sareena Airlines flight for Karachi four hours, PIA flight-709 for Manchester one hour and Air Blue flight-450 for Masqat nine hours.

Doctors have urged the citizens to adopt precautionary measures in this extreme weather.

The lowest temperature in the country was reported as Skardu -10, Astore -9°C, Gilgit, Hunza -7°C, Quetta, Gupis -8°C, Kalam, Bagrote, Ziarat, Dir -5°C, Lower Dir, Parachinar, Rawalakot, Bunji, Drosh -2°C ,Risalpur, Mirkhani, Pattan, Dalbandin -1°C.