KARACHI - Human’s mind produces fifty thousand ideas daily out of which only thirty thousand may be called as positive, our mind is divided into two sections one is called as SUKHI, reflects our positive thinking towards every issue while the second is DUKHI, which make us uncertain to take decisions.

These views were expressed by veteran Corporate and Sales trainer Liaqat Jogi while addressing a motivational workshop on the topic of “Building Self Confidence” which was organized by Personality Development student’s society of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi last evening. Head of student’s society Dr Rizwan Ul Hassan also addressed to the workshop.

Highlighting upon four main principles of a successful life, Liaqat Jogi said that one should have confidence on his own, ready to take risk, to accept his mistake and to overcome his lack of self confidence problem. He said that as a result of lack of self confidence problem, a person neither can achieve a higher position during his long tenure of employment nor prove himself a successful businessman. He said that in Karachi the opinion about people of Lyari is not so good in general, but these are only Lyari People who have won highest number of gold medals in international competitions for Pakistan. He said the reason of the success of Lyari people that they never wait for government assistance; they accept their responsibility themselves and participate in the competitions with self confidence to win.

Liaqat Jogi said lack of self confidence is universal affliction which also creates tension among the countries in international relations. He said that we ourselves carry different types of labels on our own which should be avoided and we must trust on our own capabilities. He said that the people, who trust on their own talents, remained successful to turn their dreams into reality. The peoples who remained successful for making of airplane, telephone, radio, television and electricity are the best examples of self confidence, he added.  He said that it is most important for a person to take out himself from fear inside him and after overcome his weakness, prepare himself to face the challenges on way to his success. He said confidence level of a person can be judge from his body language also by observing 55 per cent from his body movement, 38 per cent from his voice and 7 per cent from his words which he uses.