LAHORE - Speakers at an NPT seminar took a swipe at US President Donald Trump for his recent anti-Pakistan remarks.

Former foreign minister Khursheed Mahmood Kasuri lauded common stance on civil and military leadership against the US policy, saying: “It is a matter of great satisfaction that the civil military leadership is on the same page in responding to the tweet of Trump. National narrative in reaction to the tweet is very encouraging.”

He continued: “There is no need to get embarrassed by a threatening tweet from the US president. Trump is isolating the US by issuing such tweets. He has used similar language against the UK, Germany, China and Iran. He is damaging the US by issuing such statements.”  The former FM said: “Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran and the ME states are coming on the same page. Henry Kissinger once said friendship of US is more dangerous than enmity. An independent foreign policy demands sacrifice. Rhetoric can't serve the purpose. National interest should be protected at all cost.  An independent foreign policy depends on an independent economy and China maintains this merit in today's world.” 

He also counted Pakistan’s feat in raising voice for right to self-determination of Kashmiris in Indian-occupied Valley. He suggested government prepare a list of anti-terror steps and sacrifices rendered by Pakistan and present it to the US and other European countries. He said China and other countries in the region are standing by Pakistan.

Defence analyst Lt-Gen (r) Ghulam Mustafa said lack of unity was ‘actual problem’ of Pakistan that weakened its stance at external front.

He criticised the political leadership for ignoring the sensitivity of situation and lack of an effective policy. NPT Vice Chairman Prof Dr Rafique Ahmed reiterated call for national unity. Salman Ghani, Rauf Tahir, Muhammad Akram Ch also spoke on the occasion. NPT Secretary Shahid Rasheed moderated the sitting.