KARACHI - Police baton-charged the leadership and supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to stop their march towards Chief Minister House, Sindh located in declared red-zone area of Karachi, on Wednesday.

A large number of leaders, workers and supporters of the PTI had gathered at a local hotel located in District South police remits in support of the farmers protesting across Sindh against sugar mills owners. The hundreds of protesters staged a sit-in outside the hotel in Karachi after the heavy contingent of the police stopped them while heading towards the CM House. After the baton charged, the protesters then started holding sit-in near Karachi Gymkhana.

PTI’s senior leader in Arif Alvi was leading the protesters in Karachi. “We were baton charged by the police twice,” said PTI leader Dawa Khan Sabir said. “We are here to support the farmers. We requested the authorities concerned including police and deputy commissioner to just allow our delegate to meet with the CM inside the CM house or call the CM to our sit-in.” he said that instead of fulfilling our demands, the police charged us with the batons.

Earlier, a ‘Kissan Insaf Rally’ organised by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in support of the farmers protesting across Sindh against sugar mills owners was twice baton charged by the police at Hyderabad Bypass and Jamshoro Bypass. The rally was on its way to Chief Minister House in Karachi after starting from the Hyderabad Bypass, however, when the rally was heading towards the Karachi CM House, the extra contingent of the police already presented there stopped the participants of the rally and charged them with batons to disperse the protesters.

“Many of the farmers heading towards Karachi from Hyderabad were dispersed following the police’s baton charge while some are remained on the way,” Sabir claimed.

PTI’s Senior Vice-President Haleem Adil Shaikh while holding a press conference at Hyderabad on Tuesday had already warned that they would hold a sit-in at the point where the rally is stopped if any obstacles are created.

Police officials said that the police did not arrest anyone while took action against those who were trying to enter the red-zone area of Karachi. Police officials said that the police baton charged them after they attempted to march towards the CM House.