KHANEWAL-Villagers protested against the land revenue office situated in Block 13 here as it has become corruption hub with the active role of corrupt revenue officers, land mafia and agents.

They are looting the land owners with both hands while the district government high-up have failed to nail the corrupt officials. Landlords of Chak 88/10R tehsil and district Khanewal namely Muzamil has moved the court for legal action after non response by revenue authorities.

He alleged that Patwari Shahid was expert for tampering revenue record and committing fraud. He further said that the patwari took bribe for solving land sale and purchase issues. He said that the patwari made a fake sale mutation No 10201 on 05-06-17, through which he with malafide intention transferred the land of his brother Fahad to Sohail s/o Arif from joint property which is not distributed to the legal hears after the death of their father.

He said when he approached the Patwari and Tehsildar Muzzafar Bhutta, they refused to listen to his complaint. Then he filed a suit in the court through his lawyer Rao Ammanullah Khan in the court of civil judge Afzal Baig. In his suit, he mentioned that after the death of his father Afzal Bhinder, their property of 8 kanal and five marlas was transferred to legal heirs as per law through inheritance mutation. One of the legal heirs Fahad has been residing is Sialkot city since long and he is absconding landlord; the entire agricultural land of his father is under the possession of him since long, he added. The patwari and Tehsildar Muzzafar Bhutta were well aware that his brother Fahad is absconding, thus Shahid and Sohail of Meo Colony Multan structured mutation No 10201 and illegally transferred the share of his brother, Muzamil said.

He further argued in his petition that the land was already mortgaged with National Bank of Pakistan Shanti Nagar Branch as joint security against a loan for dairy farm. "Due to some misunderstanding regarding difference in mark-up calculation and repaid amount with National Bank of Pakistan, we all filed a suit for declaration in banking court No 3 Multan and the court awarded status quo in the case."

Hearing the arguments of the lawyer Amman ullah Khan, civil judge Afzal Baig in his verdict has passed an order that "the parties are directed to maintain status quo with respect to suit property till the next date of hearing 04-01-18. However, this order shall not bar the judicial proceeding".

On the other side, the residents of the village also staged a protest demonstration on the 88/10R village road against the officers of the land revenue department for allegedly taking bribe for transferring lands. The protesters were holding placards and chanting slogans against patwari Shahid. They demanded the government take note of the corruption.