ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Wednesday expressed its dissatisfaction over the incomplete report on Faizabad sit-in presented by the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) in the apex court.

A two-judge bench, comprising Justice Mushir Alam and Justice Qazi Faez Isa, heard a suo motu case on the Faizabad sit-in. Hundreds of Tehreek-e-Labbaik protesters had staged a sit-in at the Faizabad Interchange and blocked it for 20 days.

During the proceedings, when Justice Faez Isa inquired whether those killed in the sit-in were Muslims then the attorney general replied with yes. Upon that the judge remarked the Tehreek-i-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLY)’s sit-in was an ‘attack on Muslims by Muslims’.

Justice Faez said that they had inquired from the ISI and the IB about source of income and finances of the protesters. He asked whether any cell in the ISI had monitored the activities of dharna participants, and if the reply is no then what the agency representative has to say about it?

The official of the Ministry of Defence informed that they supplied all the information which the court had demanded in its written order. Justice Faez said that whether the ISI is under the Ministry of Defence, adding the report only gives information about deaths that took place during the sit-in.

He said that why the government is spending so much on security agencies, as they don’t know what is happening in the country.He said the ISI is a premier intelligence agency.

Justice Faez then inquired from the official about his designation and grade. The official replied that he was working as deputy director in grade 18 in the Ministry of Defence.  Upon that Justice Faez said that there is no high ranking officer in the ministry, asking him to take the seat.

Expressing annoyance, he said, in high profile cases the low level officers should not appear as they don’t have complete information.

The judge then asked who is the ISI chief and said should they call him to answer to the court’s queries. Attorney General for Pakistan Ashtar Ausaf said there is no need of summoning ISI chief and the agency was doing his job in well manner.

Justice Faez remarked that it is the responsibility of the security agencies to protect and implement the constitution. Justice Mushir Alam said in the last ISI report there was no intelligence information about dharna. There was nothing new in it and could not be termed it a secret document.

Justice Faez remarked that ISI is doing everything but nothing for the people of Pakistan. He said that Pakistan did not come into being due to army, adding it was created due to the struggle of the common people. He also questioned about the budget of ISI.

The bench directed the agencies – the IB and the ISI - to brief the AGP regarding the questions raised by the bench. The court order the attorney general to submit a concise statement of the issues raised within 15 days.

The bench was also informed by an official of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority that Channel 92 had violated the PEMRA laws by giving live coverage to the sit-in at Faizabad Interchange. The channel had shown image of an injured cop and then made provocative commentary on it.

Justice Faez inquired who is owner of the Channel 92? He urged the Authority to take action as its officials are paid salary from the national exchequer. He questioned what steps the PEMRA had taken against the channel.

The PEMRA representative informed that they did not issue notice to the channel individually, but suspended the transmission of those channels which had violated its directives. Justice Faez asked whether it was the decision of the Authority not to proceed against the violator.

Justice Mushir Alam questioned whether the PEMRA required permission before taking any action against any TV channel on violation of laws. The bench was told that the PEMRA chairman has authorised officials to take action against the violators.

Justice Faez inquired whether the Channel 92 transmission is still suspended and whether any show cause notice was issued to the channel.

Justice Faez observed that PEMRA has violated law as it did not take any action against the channel. The judge asked if the channel had violated the law then why no action was taken against it. Whether these people are very powerful, he questioned.

Justice Faez said that it is mockery of the law if the PEMRA does not follow its own rules. He said in the law the PEMRA is fully empowered to take action and the procedure is given.

Earlier, the AGP replied that an estimated damage of Rs139.5 million was incurred during sit-in at Faizabad. He told that nine people from Punjab and three from Sindh lost their lives while 194 police officers sustained injuries during the protest sit-in. He told that no security official was killed during the protest but one lost his eye. The court also sought details from the attorney general regarding human losses and the damage caused during the Faizabad protest.