LAHORE - In its tongue-in-cheek reaction to Mian Nawaz Sharif’s assertions about the alleged political engineering and his talk of revealing secrets, the PPP on Wednesday poked fun at the PML-N leader by raising questions about his past conduct.

“Nawaz Sharif carries a vast experience of pre-poll rigging and the conspiracies against the ex-prime ministers. So he should tell the nation who had made the IJI in the late 1980s to steal whose mandate, and to benefit whom?” PPP’s central Secretary Information Ch Manzoor said in a sarcastic tone.

Talking to The Nation, the PPP leader said that Nawaz Sharif should show courage and tell the nation who had received dollars from Osama Bin Laden to be used against whose government.

He was indirectly referring to the conspiracy hatched against the first Benazir government and Nawaz Sharif’s alleged role in the whole episode.

“Starting from 1985 and ending at 2013, Nawaz Sharif should now reveal the secrets how the people’s mandate was stolen in the past and who conspired against the Prime Ministers from Muhammad Khan Junejo to Yousuf Raza Gillani”, Manzoor remarked.

“If he (Nawaz) thinks that pre-poll rigging is taking place, then he should tell the nation who was doing all this and in whose favour”, Manzoor asked, adding, that Nawaz should also inform the people why he had obliged Brig(retd) Muzaffar Ali Ranjha by appointing him as DG Anti-Corruption Punjab.

He also said that it was now a competition between the old and new ladlas (blue-eyed) to get close to their mentors. “The two ladlas are now exposing each other,” he said.

Manzoor also asked Nawaz Sharif to reveal the secrets if he had any, failing which, the nation will not forgive him for this criminal negligence.