LAHORE - Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan Thursday expressed reservations about the performance of Turkish solid waste management companies working in Lahore.

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According to an official handout Thursday, the minister also asked Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) to submit all the details of resources, machinery and manpower at the disposal of Turkish companies along with terms and conditions of their contract.

Presiding over a meeting, the minister observed that after the involvement of foreign companies in the waste management, the situation had worsened and the people were not satisfied with their performance.

The minister’s statement comes at a time when Prime Minister Imran Khan is in Turkey on a two-day official visit to that country.

Aleem also said that the brotherly relations between Pakistan and Turkey had no replacement but business companies will have to deliver as there would be no compromise on results.

He asked the Ozpak and Albayrak to come forward and help in recycling the garbage by producing fertiliser, gases and other usable items.

The minister categorically said that all foreign companies including Turkish ones will be given equal opportunities in bids for the cleanliness work in the major cities of Punjab. He made it clear that there would be no favoritism in this regard.

He said that required results could not be achieved in the past due to weak system and political interference. He said that media also pointed out the loop holes in the management of solid wasted and now LWMC and Ozpak & Albayrak should own their responsibility and take immediate steps for improvement.

Aleem asked the Turkish Companies and LWMC to work jointly and take collective tour of the route and dumping site of Lakho Dair as early as possible and also monitor working on a daily basis.

The minister also directed that dumping sites should gradually be replaced with the recycling plants in all cities to provide congenial atmosphere to the citizens. He said that issue of ghost employees should be resolved on a priority basis.