ISLAMABAD  -   President Dr Arif Alvi Thursday said that the National Accountability Bureau should be strengthened and made more independent as political stability could not be achieved amid corruption and lawlessness.

Talking to a private television channel, he said the political stability could only be achieved after ensuring peace, transparency and independent judiciary. He said after assessing the factual economic condition, the country had been put in right direction because previously, the economy had been run artificially.

He said the business community had been demanding rupee devaluation as they used to get inputs at higher rates than other countries which had also reduced the exports. He said now the national economy was being developed to become self-reliant.

To a question about the ongoing tussle between the federal and Sindh governments, the president said all the governments must perform well to serve the masses.

He said unfortunately the prices of stunting and ratio of malnutrition were the highest in Sindh province. “But I am not part of that conflict. I believe that jihad should be waged against corruption. But it should not be a partisan,” he remarked.

He said the JIT report had just gathered information about the fake accounts and those facing the cases should prove their innocence instead of using Sindh or Pashtun cards.

If NAB detects any corruption in KP, it should do investigations because it would be the government concerned to be stand answerable.

The president said NAB’s law always required the respondent to disclose the sources of the assets that had also been an international tool to probe the financial corruption.

The president said the cliche of depriving Sindh of its rights was being used as the province had been getting all financial rights including NFC. He said any action by NAB must not be presumed as being backed by the federal government.

To a question about the notions of any change in Sindh, he said the strength in the assemblies always determined the right to rule. However, he said no step should be taken contrary to the constitution and being a president, he was supposed to ensure the integration of the federation.

He appealed Sindh and federal governments to work collectively.

He said after a long time, civil and military leadership were on same page and the judiciary as well as parliament had played important role to curb corruption and strengthen the government.

The president also urged media to show a real picture to the people and highlight social and health issues like stunting, water conservation and others.

He called for more independent NAB because otherwise everyone facing accountability would label the interrogation as victimization. About Asghar Khan case, he said it should be taken forward.

To a question about any polarization in political class, he said there was no polarization on some issues like Kashmir, CPEC or fight against corruption.

Asked whether there was any threat to 18th amendment, he replied in negation. He said efforts must be made to build capacity of the provinces which they were supposed to do after the constitutional amendment. He said there must be uniform standards across the country and the center should hold the command.

To a question, he said it would be retrogressive move if anyone was even thinking of one-party system in the country.

He said in order to reduce the political tension, the leaders must opt soft speeches instead of harsh ones.