SHANGHAI -  Chinese and International hotel and travel groups have jointly founded a sharing platform to fight against cyber risks, the China Hotel Association said on Thursday.

The platform, the Security Response Center of China Hospitality Industry, is sponsored by the China Hotel Association and the China Hospitality Technology Alliance. Hotels under Chinese and International brands, such as Huazhu, Jinjiang, New Century, IHG, Marriott, Four Seasons and Shangri-La as well as online travel agency, have joined the platform.

Within the platform, any potential or suspected information leakage or other cyber threats reported by white hat hackers will be quickly shared by related hotels, who will then be asked to check and take rectification measures. Meanwhile, advanced solutions for preventing information leakage will be shared.

Information safety has become one of the top concerns in China’s hospitality industry, with several information leaks or suspected leaks being reported across the world in recent years.

China’s hospitality industry, both local and international operators, should team up to fight against cyber threats, said Zhang Xingguo, chief consultant for the Information Committee of the China Hotel Association.

“China’s related laws and regulations have been steadily improving, and people’s awareness of information security is constantly rising, which encourages hotels to increase their efforts in information protection,” said Zhang