Washington - US President Donald Trump has mocked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for funding a library in Afghanistan, reported BBC on Thursday.

Trump suggested the contribution was of no use to reconstruction efforts in the country. “That’s like five hours of what we spend,” the US president mocked.

An angry India dismissed President Trump’s remark that it is not doing enough for peace and stability in Afghanistan, saying New Delhi does not send troops abroad except under specific UN mandate, reported Indian media.

“India firmly believes in the critical role that developmental assistance can play in transforming human lives,” a source in New Delhi said. “India does not send its armed forces abroad except under the specific mandate of UN peacekeeping operations.”

In his first Cabinet meeting of the year on Wednesday, Trump asked India, Russia, Pakistan and other neighbouring countries to take the responsibility for Afghanistan’s security as he defended his move to withdraw troops from that country.

Trump also referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi Modi as an example of how world leaders were talking about their contributions that were nowhere near the billions of dollars the US was spending. “I could give you an example where I get along very well with India and Prime Minister Modi,” Trump was quoted as saying. “But he is constantly telling me, he built a library in Afghanistan. Library! That’s like five hours of what we spend (in Afghanistan),” he said. “And he (Modi) tells me. He is very smart. We are supposed to say, oh thank you for the library. Don’t know who’s using it (the library) in Afghanistan. But it’s one of those things. I don’t like being taken advantage of.”

Pointing out that India plays a significant role as a development partner in Afghanistan, the sources in New Delhi said this partnership was built on the specific needs and requirements worked out with the Afghan government. “It is aimed at the welfare of the people of Afghanistan and for a tangible improvement in the lives of its people,” they added.