ISLAMABAD - Two senior officials of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) including its Executive Director (ED) and a director locked horns on personal issues putting the administrative affairs of the hospital on backburner, Thursday. 

Sources informed The Nation that both officials including ED PIMS Dr Raja Amjad Mehmood and director Mother and Child Hospital (MCH) Dr Mutahir Shah are on deputation in the hospital and competing seniority.

Sources said that both senior doctors on major administrative posts of the hospitals misbehaved with each other on minor issue which concluded on a registration of police report in the police station.  Sources said that PIMS ED lodged FIR against the director MCH Dr Mutahir Shah accusing him of threatening him in his office and raising a firearm on him. 

However, the police didn’t recover any firearm from the accused doctor, but following the registered complain arrested him a day later.

Sources said that both senior doctors were having a tussle on seniority and for assuming the top post of the hospital.  Talking to The Nation at a police station, Dr Mutahir Shah said that ED PIMS held a personal grudge against him and has framed the entire episode against him. He said that he went to get his Annual Career Report (ACR) signed from the ED in his office where he misbehaved with him in the presence of other people. Dr Mutahir said that earlier Dr Amjad Mehmood was reluctant to sign his ACRs and refused to sign it without any reason. 

“When I insisted, ED Amjad Mehmood threw the file back on my face,” he said.  He added that the ED crossed all limits by humiliating him in the presence of other people. Dr Mutahir also said that later the ED called the police inside the hospital and confined my vehicle outside the hospital emergency.  He said that the police inspected my vehicle for recovery of firearm. However, they didn’t find one as it was simply an allegation on me.

Dr Mutahir alleged that later the police report was registered against me as the ED used his political contacts to teach me a lesson and so I was arrested a day later. ED PIMS Dr Amjad Mehmood denied all allegations levelled by the director MCH and said that Dr Mutahir Shah threatened him with dire consequences. Dr Amjad added that he has no personal issues with Dr Mutahir Shah and he also didn’t humiliate the director MCH. He said that ACRs are signed before the end of the month however; director MCH brought it on January 2nd.  “I asked him to leave the file as I would have signed it with the rest of the files, on which Dr Mutahir got furious,” he said.  “Dr Mutahir threatened me and said that I will be not be able to go back home alive and everything is recorded”, said ED PIMS.  He also said that the incident occurred in presence of other people and no one witnessed throwing the file on him.  As per FIR lodged against Dr Mutahir Shah, ED PIMS stated that Dr Mutahir Shah came to his office and threatened him for the second time as he did same three months ago. He added that Dr Mutahir threatened him in presence of his staff in the morning and later again in the afternoon on telephone. He also alleged that director MCH followed him in his vehicle armed with a weapons, with the intention of harming him physically.