LOS ANGELES       -         Dwayne Johnson finds it ‘’incredibly difficult’’ being a film star. The ‘Fighting With My Family’ star was the highest-paid actor in the world between 2018 and 2019, but doesn’t feel worthy of the status and would rather label himself as just a ‘’bankable actor’’.

In an interview with SPORTbible, Dwayne admitted: ‘’So, what it takes to become ... we’ll just say a bankable actor - you guys could say ‘biggest movie star in the world’ - it takes, again, hard work, perseverance.

‘’And again it takes context and perspective, especially when you get into this world of Hollywood and the business of Hollywood. Because it is so demanding and it’s incredibly difficult.’’

The former WWE star, 47 - who is also known by his wrestling name The Rock - feels that acting is just as important as his wrestling career and Dwayne and knows that he has a responsibility to ‘’entertain’’ audiences across the world.

He explained: ‘’Yes, being in the ring is incredibly difficult, but the scope of the audience and the world that you now entertain and are responsible for in movies is global.

‘’This is why it requires a consistent and very constant daily hard work.

‘’And also, very important is trust your gut and trust your instincts on what the audience will really enjoy and love.