The Peace Team, or 'The Indo-Pak Express as they are known on the ATP Tour, lost their quarterfinal match on day-nine of Wimbledon but won the hearts and admiration of fans. With their neighbouring countries in conflict, these two young tennis players, Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi of Pakistan and Indias Rohan Bopanna, have decided to make a statement about peace and show the world how individuals can bridge cultural differences and years of mistrust and form a successful partnership. Their respective countries have had poor relations and lived with tension ever since they attained independence from Great Britain in 1947. Qureshi told the BBC: Over the passage of time, weve seen a bigger picture apart from tennis, and its about changing peoples views. If we can change even one persons view, well take it as a positive. Its really nice to see Pakistanis and Indians sitting together supporting one team. You dont see that anywhere else, in any sport. Our on-court and off-court relationship proves that Pakistanis and Indians can get on fine. Qureshi also wanted to make a point of spreading a positive message about his country, We are loving people, we are hospitable. Pakistanis are basically not terrorists. Wearing tracksuits with the message Stop War Start Tennis on the back of their jackets theyve gotten a lot of attention here and are making their point. The doubles partners have teamed with the Monaco-based Peace and Sport organization whose goal is to bring together divided communities worldwide by encouraging talks with the hope of bringing about reconciliation through sports. So lets give a huge applause to Aisam and Rohan. They are out in the quarters but have had a very successful tournament. Along with getting publicity for their cause, they did pretty well with the tennis. Qureshi is the first Pakistani player to make the last eight at any Grand Slam, and this quarter-final was his partner Bopannas best ever Slam performance. Their next big project is trying to organize a friendly exhibition match at the Wahga Border, which is the only overland checkpoint between India and Pakistan. If they can get permission and pull it off Rohan will be playing on the Pakistani side, and Aisam on the Indian. This would sounds interesting, so good luck to them. If they get it together maybe it will be a great excuse for me to finally travel to that part of the world. Ive said many times that the thing I like best about the Tennis Tour is the intentionality of the lifestyle. People from countries around the world working together, exchanging ideas. Sharing both good and some not so good times, getting to know one another on a personal level. Last night I went out to dinner with a writer from Croatia, a friend from England, and a Pakistani. The only conflict was over who was going to get the last chocolate mousse cake. The restaurant only had one left. We decided to share.