The Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Muhammad Sharif recently made a political statement that if the PPP was unhappy with former IG Rana Maqbools appointment as the Head Prosecutor Punjab, it should quit the provincial government. The CJ has proved Asif Ali Zardaris claims that the present lot of judges in the superior judiciary is highly politicized and set against the PPP rule. The Chief Justice has shocked every thoughtful Pakistani, especially those who wish to see an independent judiciary with un-biased judges that have the moral courage to dispense justice with out any fear and favour. The judges need not be public figures. We would rather that judges have no high social profile nor too much of public speech to their credit, rather they should let their judgments speak for them and make their public profile. The public also has a question or two for this CJ of Lahore High Court and forthright answers might make his public profile better. The public wishes to know, for instance, how many lawyers from CJs own law chambers have been appointed to the Lahore High Court during his present tenure? Why is the Chief Justice so loathes becoming a judge of the Supreme Court and why does he prefer to remain entrenched at the head of the Bench at Lahore? -ENGR. S.T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, July 2.